Frontiers Health has announced that the 2023 edition of the global conference will be held from 8 to 10 November 2023, following last year’s great success in terms of attendance and involvement of the players that make up the diverse digital health ecosystem. This year’s event, as usual, will be in a hybrid format and take place at the Auditorium della Tecnica in Rome, Italy.

Frontiers Health 2023 will last three days, one longer than the last edition. Participants will have more time to share information and knowledge. They will also have the opportunity to attend a large number of side events, organised in collaboration with international partners and stakeholders.

This year, on November 9, there will also be the Italian Summit – a forum open to all the main actors in Italian life science – which for the first time will take place in the framework of the Global Conference.

During the Summit all the main actors will be able to discuss how digital innovation has become a determining factor for the progress of the Italian life science industry and how it has outlined useful paths to accelerate innovation in healthcare, thus further promoting the digitalization of the Italian Health Service.

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Frontiers Health 2023 will take place a few kilometres from the centre of Rome, in the EUR district, the economic and business heart of the city. Frontiers Health is moving to Italy’s capital after being hosted for two years in Milan, the strategic hub of the Italian economy. Rome is an innovative centre that fosters collaboration between universities, institutes, and health accelerators.

A crucial part of the conference’s mission is to bring together the different players in the innovation ecosystem, and this will also be facilitated by this year’s venue: Confindustria’s Auditorium della Tecnica (the largest association in Italy that represents manufacturing and service companies).

‘Architecture within Architecture’

The Auditorium was designed by architect Pier Luigi Spadolini. Its renovation was conceived to perfectly match the original building by architect Edoardo Monaco. It is for that reason that the Auditorium has earned the title ‘Architecture within Architecture’.

The design of this location combines modern structures, technology, and functional elements. The latest renovation has amplified this remarkable architectural heritage by creating a continuous flow of design elements.  This will create an immersive experience through multifunctional spaces.

This location will foster innovative ideas and be the perfect place to develop cutting-edge strategies aimed at life sciences advancement. The magic of the conference venue can be felt at the foyer entrance, with its sinuous geometries symbolising the ideal combination of versatility and luminosity.

The plenary sessions of Frontiers Health 2023 will be held in a space that combines innovation and elegance in which it will welcome the main international leaders in the field of digital health.

The Congress Centre will dedicate space to numerous initiatives, working sessions and networking activities tailored to the needs and objectives of the more than 1,000 expected guests.

The Auditorium della Tecnica is connected to Rome’s Termini station and Fiumicino airport via metro lines and motorways. It is an ideal and quiet place to enjoy the global conference.

More information on the Frontiers Health conference can be found on the website.

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