di , 20/11/2023

In a captivating interview held at Frontiers Health in Rome, Nicole Raleigh, web editor at Pharmaphorum, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Hakim Yadi, CEO and co-founder of Closed Loop Medicine.

Against the backdrop of a rainy day in Rome, they follow his plenary keynoteDosis sola facit venenum ‘only the dose makes the poison’” delving into how the dosage of medicine not only impacts healing but also influences toxicity.

They discussed the need for a paradigm shift, where technology and data are combined to refine and optimize medications.

At the intersection of technology and healthcare. With limited time for physicians and varying degrees of patient engagement, Yadi envisions a solution for the democratization of care through technology.

The combination of drugs and software holds immense potential. By translating the intricate interplay between patients and physicians into scalable software, accessible through patient-facing apps, the goal is to align technology with drug regimens. This alignment aims to enhance therapeutic efficacy for each individual, fostering a more tailored and effective healthcare experience.

A forward-looking perspective. Yadi envisions a future where collective efforts within the industry could crack the code of the existing business model.

This interview encapsulates an exploration of the current challenges and future possibilities within the realm of digital health.

Hakim Yadi’s insights provide a compelling narrative regarding the need for a personalized approach to medication and the transformative role technology can play in reshaping the future of healthcare.