di , 19/02/2024

Embr Labs, Inc., the creators of Embr Wave®, the pioneering temperature wearable, unveiled pivotal findings from a recent sleep study. The results demonstrate a substantial enhancement in various aspects of sleep quality among participants who wore the Embr Wave. These improvements encompassed reduced sleepiness perception, enhanced sleep quality, decreased nocturnal resting heart rate, heightened sleep efficiency, and improved morning cognitive function.

In collaboration with leading human performance researchers at the West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute, Embr Labs conducted a groundbreaking study to evaluate the impact of the Embr Wave thermal wearable on sleep quality in both men and women.

The study’s unique focus centered on the Embr Wave’s ability to harmonize with the body’s natural temperature fluctuations, providing a drug-free and side-effect-free solution for improved sleep.

Dr. Pam Peeke, Senior Clinical Investigator for Embr Labs and co-author of the study, hailed the findings as revolutionary, asserting that thermal sleep technologies such as the Wave are pivotal in enhancing not only overall sleep quality but also sleep physiology itself, thereby enriching individuals’ quality of life.

We’ve already demonstrated the Embr Wave’s ability to help women in midlife with impaired sleep,” said Matt Smith, PhD, CTO of Embr Labs, “but this study provides evidence that the Embr thermal device is also effective for a wide population of men and women – supporting the real-life experience of our customers who have come to us seeking safe, non-invasive solutions.

Embr Labs’ recognition by the National Sleep Foundation as a SleepTech Award winner, along with its inclusion in the Foremost 50 list of breakthrough consumer brands, underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and addressing critical health concerns.