Biofourmis, a global digital health and clinical trial solutions leader, announces four key partnerships with top pharmaceutical firms. 

The newly established partnerships focus primarily on oncology therapies, significantly broadening Biofourmis’ already diverse therapeutic portfolio, which includes cardiovascular, pain, women’s health, and immunology.

Centered on digital biomarker and safety monitoring algorithm development, with a specific emphasis on cytokine release syndrome (CRS) detection, the oncology programs harness cutting-edge data science and technology to elevate remote data collection, patient monitoring, and safety protocols.

Driven by Biofourmis’ industry leadership and proven track record in digital biomarker and endpoint development, the agreements bolster the company’s clinical trial programs spanning the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. This expansion mirrors a trend identified in an industry report jointly published by Biofourmis and HealthXL last year, predicting widespread adoption of digital endpoints by pharmaceutical companies in drug development programs by 2030.

Beyond digital biomarker and endpoint expertise, pharmaceutical partners are leveraging Biofourmis to streamline study timelines through its Digital Clinical Trials solution. Following a significant investment in 2023 to enhance and optimize its features and performance, the solution now includes a designer tool for no-code configuration, reducing study startup timelines, automating data management, and seamlessly integrating essential clinical trial documentation, participant scheduling, and data collection elements.

These agreements reflect Biofourmis’ industry leadership and its role in driving innovative clinical research practices.

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