Leveraging its global platform, Frontiers Health opens its stage to up-and-coming companies during the iconic Start-Up Discovery Sessions.

This time in our interview series, we are focusing on Session 4.

Martin Kelly, Founder and Chair at HealthXL, kicked off the session as moderator and was joined by a multifaceted panel composed of: Jacob LaPorte, Novartis; Jim Mangione, Pfizer; Christoph Massner, Earlybird Venture Capital; Jess McCreadie, Octopus Ventures; Karoly Nikolich, Pivotal BioVenture; and Javier Nunez Vicandi, Sofinnova Partners.

The Presenting Companies

Six companies took the stage to discuss their ideas, growth plans and go-to-market tactics.

On-site as the official Media Partner of the global conference, we continued the conversations surrounding some of these novel solutions after the session.

DasLab’s vendor-neutral platform bridges the gap between medical diagnostic tests and the latest approaches to healthcare at-distance, enabling seamless integration of physical and virtual processes to achieve improved health outcomes.
Orbit is committed to enabling early intervention and personalized care for chronic diseases. The company’s first solution Neptune is a device-agnostic AI solution that helps Parkinson’s Disease patients avoid treatment-induced side effects that destroy their quality of life.

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