On the occasion of the seventh edition of our global conference, we at Frontiers Health have identified compelling guiding themes around which our Steering Committee has been shaping an immersive and insightful conference program.

Continuing our consolidated conference trend, we’ll keep focusing on digital therapeutics and, as this space matures, we will analyze the dynamics of their adoption into clinical practice and discuss Global / EU regulatory, pricing and integration issues with a special focus on partnership strategies and practical experiences. Research strategies and clinical evidence sufficiency will also be in discussion.

Digital care delivery and telehealth represent a key change driver for healthcare, which we’ll address by showing solid solutions and strategies in the virtual care and hospital at home space. We will also discuss how emerging health insurance products will encourage patient engagement, thus generating huge amounts of data that will be sorted and managed to deliver insights that transform patient outcomes.

We’ll also assess the state of the digital transformation of the life-sciences industry on the back of the pandemic acceleration investigating new commercialization models, AI-driven innovations in R&D, the increasing relevance of digital clinical trials, and the role of advanced medical education in capitalizing on the potential of digital health.

Moreover, at the 2022 conference, we’ll dig deeper into digital public health as a paradigm to grant equity and access to environmentally sustainable care and encourage health literacy among populations.

Furthermore, we’ll explore cross-industry innovations by guiding our delegates across the metaverse, biohacking practices, and discovering new entrants in the health innovation industry.

Finally, we’ll continue our analysis of digital health funding and growth to map the current financial climate and investors’ future trends and strategies.

These guiding themes will be explored throughout the two-day event, both in Day 1 plenary sessions and Day 2 parallel breakout sessions.

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