di , 08/03/2022

In the era we are living in, digital technologies are radically changing our lives, including the access, delivery and availability of health care.

It’s a real revolution, and as such unstoppable.

Telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Therapies, wearables are now being widely integrated into our lives, also as patients and physicians. The added value will be monitoring our own state of health, and accessing dedicated digital services at any time, from anywhere.

As Roberto Ascione wrote in his book “The Future of Health“, published by Wiley in November 2021,

[…] the concept of Digital Health goes beyond telemedicine and the collection of large amounts of data; it includes, in fact, all the digital innovations that fuel this paradigm shift in a disruptive way. I am referring to wearables and integrated sensors, predictive analytics systems based on Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning applicable to virtually every area of health, digital therapies, and much more […].

This radical transformation, however, finds many individuals unprepared and lacking the proper tools to fully understand the concept of innovation and Digital Health.

Hence the need for extensive education at all levels.

The answer to this need has been provided by MIP Graduate School of Business and Healthware Group: a new Executive Programme in Digital Health & Innovation, aimed at managers, entrepreneurs, professionals and any other profiles interested in these topics.

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This program exemplifies the strategy that has shaped the MIP Graduate School of Business over the past several years, placing a strong focus on the critical and pragmatic understanding of the transformations that are taking place, and focusing on the definition of the key competencies needed to drive innovation in healthcare.

Indeed, the aim of the course is gaining an in-depth and robust understanding of the digital health landscape in all areas, including telemedicine, wearables, sensors, telepharmacy, digital medicines and digital therapeutics, implementing data science and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

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The presence of Healthware Group, a global health innovation and technology leader, guarantees that the education program will deliver valuable content and have access to an international network of professionals and speakers, backed by its 25 years of experience as a key player in the digital health industry.

The course will be delivered in English, through a blended format that includes some in person activities and online live sessions and videoclips.
The Programme consists of 5 modules and the participation in Frontiers Health Global conference 2022.

Dive deeper into the topics of Digital Health and Innovation by participating in the webinar to be held by pharmaphorum on March 15, 2022, at 6pm CET here.

During the event, the two directors of the program, Roberto Ascione, CEO Healthware Group, and Emanuele Lettieri, Full Professor of Management of Innovation in Healthcare at the School of Management of the PoliMi, will discuss the challenges of digital transformation within the healthcare landscape, and present the Executive Programme and its objectives in more detail.