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The LifeguardLite™ and LifeguardConnect™ Apps from Lifeguard Digital Health are saving lives during the opioid crisis.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lifeguard Digital Health announces that 100 lives have been saved through its LifeguardConnect™ and LifeguardLite™ platforms. The company’s goal is to continue to expand its global footprint through more strategic partnerships, continuing to develop innovative digital solutions and creating preventative strategies utilizing the comprehensive anonymous data that Lifeguard receives through its platforms. All aimed at a more expanded solution for harm reduction and other various public health challenges, that help improve and save lives in the process.

The British Columbia-headquartered organization had successfully saved 50 lives by 2023 through its LifeguardConnect platform. LifeguardLite™ was launched in 2023, aimed at filling the harm reduction gap in Supportive Housing settings. The innovative device is designed for vulnerable individuals living in supportive housing and has already had a significant impact in the harm reduction space. Over the past year, the LifeguardConnect and LifeguardLite platforms have saved an additional 50 lives, with the lives saved increasing at an accelerated rate.

So far, 2,137 LifeguardLite™ sessions have been recorded, serving 800+ users in British Columbia. Lifeguard Digital Health’s platforms have had a total of 38,194 unique app users, and 150,693 all-time sessions so far, prompting 217 emergency responder calls and 101 overdose reversals.

“We will continue to develop and improve our products to keep adding to the lives saved,” said Jeff Hardy, Chief Executive Officer of Lifeguard Digital Health. “We are proud of this accomplishment but with the increase in installations over Canada and the US, 100 lives saved is just the start. The stigma around addiction is isolating and dangerous, and with our first of its kind technology, we can help prevent overdoses while being at the forefront in reducing harm, preventing deaths, and saving lives in collaboration with emergency services.”

“Lifeguard will also be focusing efforts on how the anonymous data we receive can help us to create and support preventative strategies. Our goal is to make our products obsolete through the creation of these preventative measures. There is an urgent need for sharing and collaboration on a national level to better respond to the increasingly complex global opioid crisis, which Lifeguard aims to facilitate,” he added.

Lifeguard Digital Health also announced this week the launch of Connect V6. After extensive research with Lifeguard’s clients and people with lived experience (PWLE), we have new upgrades including a simplified user interface which will make it easier to navigate. The app has also added more services and resources to its catalog, which have been categorized for quick searches and filtering. Additionally, the updated app has made it easier to access the most popular features, such as the timer and expanded input for drug alerts.

“Both LifeguardConnect and LifeguardLite are key tools in providing early intervention, which is vital as we respond to someone experiencing toxic drug poisoning,” BCEHS Chief Operations Officer Jennie Helmer said. “Working together, through innovative partnerships like these with Lifeguard Digital Health, saves lives.”

The world is facing an unprecedented opioid crisis and Lifeguard Digital Health is stepping up to the challenge. With no one-size-fits-all solution to the overdose crisis, Lifeguard is poised for exponential growth to ensure vulnerable individuals have better access to life-saving options. The organization has set up partnerships beyond its home in British Columbia, and is now taking their digital health solution across Canada, US, Australia and India in an effort to save more lives.

About Lifeguard Digital Health

Lifeguard Digital Health creates digital health solutions that reduce harm, prevent involuntary deaths, and improve quality of life. The company integrates digital health technology innovations on its ‘evan’ platform, including artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), blockchain, and informatics. Complying with the highest/current levels of security and privacy regulations, it works closely with health authorities and emergency health services. For more information, please visit www.lifeguarddh.com


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