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CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aptar Digital Health, a global expert in Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), digital Patient Support Programs (PSPs) and disease management solutions, and Iona Mind, a global leader in low-intensity Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) solutions for mental health, today announced a partnership to help support patients with chronic diseases to manage their psychological stress and emotional wellbeing. Benefiting from the combined capabilities and digital platforms of both organizations, the partnership will provide integrated solutions to pharmaceutical partners aiming to enhance patient experiences.

Low-intensity CBT has demonstrated efficacy in 30 systematic reviews and 50 controlled trials. The Iona Mind platform contains low-intensity CBT programs for managing common mental health conditions and general wellbeing. Leveraging the latest innovations in software, data science and user experience design, the Iona Mind platform can create bespoke digital products to support patients at any point of their journey.

These products can be used to help chronic disease patients who typically have high rates of common mental health issues such as anxiety, low mood, and persistent recurring negative thoughts. Compared to the general population, it is estimated that mental health conditions are two to three times more likely to occur in people with chronic diseases. Consequently, mental health comorbidities increase overall treatment complexity and costs. For instance, people diagnosed with major depression use healthcare services more, and this can lead to a twofold increase in healthcare spending1.

Iona Mind uses its proprietary development program IMDP (Iona Mind Development Program) to work with patient advocate groups and ensure each product is adapted for the population at hand. This ensures inclusivity and accessibility when serving diverse patient populations, such as underrepresented groups or patients with chronic illnesses.

Under this partnership, Aptar Digital Health, with its extensive experience in SaMDs, companion apps and disease management solutions, will bring a comprehensive understanding of patient and healthcare professional needs. Aptar Digital Health’s platform and expertise in developing and implementing end-to-end digital health solutions at a global scale will complement Iona Mind’s ability to deliver mental health support at various stages of the patient journey. The partnership aims to bring evidence-based and scalable mental health support to any patient, using solutions based on the Aptar Digital Health platform. This powerful combination has the potential to make mental health support more accessible to millions of chronic disease patients.

Sai Shankar, President of Aptar Digital Health, commented, “We are excited to join forces with Iona Mind and bring our combined expertise to address the mental health challenges faced by patients with chronic diseases. Our collaboration represents a major step forward in our shared mission to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.”

Added Geneviève D’Orsay, Chief Medical Officer at Aptar Digital Health, “Supporting the mental health of patients with cancer is crucial for enhancing their overall journey. A growing number of evidence shows the importance of considering the emotional distress associated with the patient experience, especially in the field of cancer. We are pleased to collaborate with Iona Mind, and to offer accessible mental health support to more patients.”

Jonathan Baker, CEO and Founder of Iona Mind, stated, “At Iona Mind, we are delighted to be collaborating with Aptar Digital Health. By combining Aptar’s proven experience with digital patient support with Iona Mind’s industry-leading expertise in low-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy and mental health, we know that together, we will be able to significantly impact many lives.”

About Iona Mind

Iona Mind is a global leader in scalable mental health solutions, specializing in low-intensity cognitive behavioral therapy. With a focus on innovative technologies and patients, Iona Mind is dedicated to improving outcomes and reducing the burden of these complex conditions. The company’s Iona Mind platform coupled with the Iona Mind Development Program enable providers to quickly create bespoke solutions that meet the psychological needs of their populations. For more information, visit https://www.ionamind.com.

About Aptar Digital Health

Aptar Pharma’s Digital Health division is part of AptarGroup, Inc., a global leader in drug and consumer product dosing, dispensing and protection technologies. Aptar Digital Health creates end-to-end solutions to enhance patient experiences every day, leveraging a holistic ecosystem of digital interventions. Amplified by an industry-leading portfolio of products and solutions, Aptar Digital Health’s offering combines mobile and web apps, connected drug delivery systems, onboarding, training and advanced data analytics services to actively empower patients and create a positive treatment journey. Aptar is headquartered in Crystal Lake, Illinois and has more than 13,000 dedicated employees in 20 countries. For more information, please visit www.aptardigitalhealth.com and www.aptar.com.

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