di , 08/07/2024

LifeSemantics, a Korean player in digital health, is advancing medical AI research across various domains, including skin cancer diagnosis, blood pressure prediction, and hair density analysis.

Clinical Validation of “Hair Density Analysis AI”

Under the leadership of CEO Song Seung-jae, it has successfully completed a clinical validation trial for its revolutionary “Hair Density Analysis AI.” This milestone underscores the company’s commitment to innovation in AI-driven healthcare solutions.

Study Conducted by Dr. Moon-gyu Kim’s Team

Dr. Moon-gyu Kim‘s research team at the Hair Center of Kyungpook National University Hospital conducted the clinical trial. Their objective was to assess the effectiveness of hospital medical software designed for analyzing hair density from scalp images.

Trial Details and Results

The trial focused on analyzing scalp images of male-pattern baldness patients preparing for hair transplant surgery. The evaluation involved three independent assessors, including dermatologists and AI-based hair density analysis software.

Performance Metrics

Results revealed promising performance metrics:

  • Hair Count Validity: Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) of 11.79 ± 11.07%, with a confidence interval ranging from 7.58% to 16%.
  • Follicle Count Validity: MAPE of 12.30 ± 10.42%, with a confidence interval ranging from 8.33% to 16.26%.

These findings demonstrate the AI software’s robust performance, achieving MAPE values below the 16% threshold critical for accurate hair transplant surgery planning.

Doctor Answer 2.0 Project facilitates innovation

The Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) oversee the Doctor Answer 2.0 project, pivotal in the development of the “Hair Density Analysis AI.” This initiative harnesses deep learning techniques on image data to revolutionize hair density analysis.

Advanced Hair Loss Diagnosis Solution

Utilizing smartphone-connected dermoscopy equipment, the AI solution accurately detects patient hair follicles, measures their density, and assesses the potential for hair transplant procedures. This technology provides users with a sophisticated tool for diagnosing hair loss conditions.

Commitment to technological excellence

Heo Eun-young, Director of R&D at LifeSemantics, emphasized the company’s technological prowess and dedication to advancing medical AI. She highlighted ongoing efforts to ensure research and development initiatives translate into competitive healthcare solutions.

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