This booklet is a curated collection of news from the Frontiers Health 2021 Global Conference, by Healthware Labs.

The digital health innovation division of Healthware Group worked on this digest, uniting all important news in a clickable format.

An easy to read document aimed at reflecting back on the big news from the digital health ecosystem. In particular, you will learn:

  • why we can’t just replicate healthcare digitally and expect better results (explained by Jeff Dachis, OneDrop)
  • the advantages big tech companies have, compared to large pharma (explained by Ming-Sung Sean Kim, Digital Health Ventures)
  • how to avoid ‘death valley’ for DTx startups (explained by Pierre Leurent, Voluntis)
  • what the future of health will look like (explained by Roberto Ascione, Healthware Group)

and much more!