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Partnership Combines Services and Tools to Help Providers and Health Organizations Build and Expand Internal Testing Capabilities

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. & ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genome Medical, the leading telehealth provider of genetic services and genomics-based care, and Pierian, the global leader in advanced clinical genomics technology and services, announced a collaboration designed to streamline and optimize onsite genomics programs for health care organizations and provider groups. The companies’ services, when combined with genomic testing capabilities, create an end-to-end patient and clinician experience that elevates standards of care and patient outcomes.

Genome Medical and Pierian are working together to efficiently identify patients who may benefit from genomic testing and an enhanced clinical genomics workflow. The combined solution for clinicians facilitates the ordering of appropriate testing which is then processed in onsite laboratories supported by Pierian.

First, through its RISE Patient Engagement Modules, Genome Medical helps clinicians Reach, Inform, Support and Educate patients. RISE includes a Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessment Module that collects and analyzes family and personal health history to determine if a patient meets genetic testing criteria for hereditary cancer. When criteria is met and testing is ordered, laboratory customers utilize Pierian’s advanced technology platform to ingest, analyze, interpret and report on genomic insights for more precise care.

For physician-owned or -managed service organizations, Pierian and Genome Medical deliver a streamlined path to in-house, high-quality precision medicine programs that provide recommended and appropriate care to all patients who meet national standards for genomic testing. This can also include virtual post-test genetic counseling from Genome Medical’s nationwide team to help explain the test findings and advise on recommended follow-on care, if needed.

We are excited to partner with a like minded innovator, Genome Medical, to combine our leading edge platforms and expertise to enable the clinicians we are privileged to serve,“ said Mark McDonough, CEO of Pierian. “At Pierian, we are passionately committed to catalyzing precision medicine at scale through our tools, our team, our customers, and our partners like Genome Medical. We are united in our belief that all patients deserve access to high quality, affordable, genetic testing.”

Genome Medical has pioneered a virtual model of tech-enabled care delivery and assembled an unmatched team of genetic specialists, enabling rapid, efficient access to genetic counseling and related services. The company offers flexible genetic services programs to approximately 100 partners, including health systems, diagnostic testing labs, insurers, and other partners. In addition, its services are a covered, in-network benefit for more than 160 million people in the U.S.

Genome Medical is pleased to be able to partner with Pierian to bring our patient screening and clinical genetic services to provider groups who are looking to improve and expand their genomic testing programs,” said Jill Davies, CEO of Genome Medical. “This collaboration represents two industry leaders delivering the services and tools that will make in-house genomic testing programs accessible to a wider array of providers and patients.”

Pierian partners with academic centers, health systems, physician-owned laboratories and reference laboratories worldwide to establish high-quality clinical genomics programs and a global sharing network. With advanced interpretation technology connected to the most comprehensive knowledge base, Pierian’s unique, adaptive learning algorithms make intelligent associations between comprehensive datasets and individual patient results. Post analysis and interpretation, clinical reports are easy to generate, which empowers clinicians with genomic insights to fulfill the promise of precision care.

About Genome Medical

Genome Medical, the leading genomic care delivery company, is personalizing health care for all through on-demand access to genetic insights and genomic medicine. We operate as an independent virtual medical practice, powered by a digital health technology platform. By partnering with health systems, providers, health plans, employers, labs and biopharmaceutical companies, we expand the reach and impact of precision medicine. We provide clinical assessments and tools, test recommendations and ordering, and personalized care plans to deliver optimal patient care and improve health outcomes. The company, which is headquartered in South San Francisco, has been honored as “The Best Digital Health Company to Work For” by Rock Health, Fenwick & West and Goldman Sachs in their “Top 50 in Digital Health” awards. To learn more, visit genomemedical.com and follow @GenomeMed.

About Pierian

Pierian is a partner in precision medicine, enabling clinicians and medical facilities to advance clinical genomics programs and modernize patient care. We believe in the potential of genomics to transform human health and are working to ensure that communities anywhere can experience the benefits. We curate the world’s genetic knowledge, and our advanced interpretation technology combines this knowledgebase with adaptive learning algorithms that connect diverse sources of information through machine learning. When applied in clinical settings our platform is paired with our enabling services which support workflow design, implementation, validation, interpretation, and reimbursement. For more information, visit www.pieriandx.com.


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