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The Verato Universal Identity™ platform is the first purpose built for healthcare hMDM solution that enables health entities to know who is who™ at all levels of their organization

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Verato, the identity experts for healthcare, today launches the Verato Universal Identity™ platform, the industry’s first hMDM: the next generation of master data management (MDM), redefined for healthcare organizations across the care continuum. The platform leverages an unparalleled nationwide dataset of person and provider data to enable a single source of truth for identity by providing healthcare organizations a complete and trusted 360-degree view of their patients, members, providers, and communities.

“Getting identity right is the cornerstone for digital transformation success,” said Clay Ritchey, CEO at Verato. “It is imperative that all organizations in the healthcare supply chain know who is who. This knowledge enables them to unify the fragmented digital data from across their enterprises, make strategic patient-centered decisions and power critical workflows. Historically, this has been a daunting challenge with organizations needing to choose between antiquated, hard-to-manage and underperforming EMPIs and expensive, complex and high-maintenance generic MDM solutions that take years to implement. We have built an uncompromising solution that simply works by combining our industry leading next generation EMPI capabilities with purpose-built for healthcare MDM capabilities that delivers extraordinary fast time to value and customer success.”

Verato has long been used as a source of truth for identity resolution. Verato’s proprietary Referential Matching technology, foundational to the Verato Universal Identity platform, has become the industry gold standard for accuracy, using smart algorithms and AI along with a curated database of person and provider data with over 60 million data updates per month. Combined with a powerful enterprise healthcare data model, the platform enables enterprises to resolve, manage, and enrich identities for people and organizations.

“We selected Verato to support Baptist Health’s goal of knowing who is who in the entire enterprise,” said Aaron Miri, senior vice president, chief digital & information officer at Baptist Health. “With critical information in various clinical and non-clinical systems, we will leverage this platform to provide an accurate, complete and longitudinal view of patients, providers and consumers across the continuum of care. Identity is foundational to creating an optimized experience for everyone.”

Built with insight from some of the most innovative brands in healthcare, Verato’s new all-in-one data management platform comes with healthcare customer-driven innovation to help address the growing need for better identity data and insights, including:

  • Verato Patient Journey: Built with Verato Referential Matching® and Match Tiers™ technologies, Verato Patient Journey allows healthcare organizations to layer patient clinical data from EHRs with consumer data from CRMs and other third-party demographic information to identify exactly where a person is within their healthcare journey. This allows organizations to provide the right care at the right time.
  • Verato Provider Data Management™: Developed to make it easier for healthcare organizations to get a 360-degree view of every practitioner within the system, Verato Provider Data Management matches provider records against a nationwide reference database and helps fill in gaps in information to create the complete and accurate view of practitioners and provider entities that is critical to achieving strategic objectives.

A recent survey found that 60% of health leaders consider patient identity to be valuable to every function and initiative within their organization, including improving care quality and the patient experience. For more information about Verato and the Verato Universal Identity platform, visit https://verato.com/.

About Verato

Verato, the identity experts for healthcare, enables smarter growth, improved care quality and efficiency, and better population health by solving the problem that drives everything else—knowing who is who. Over 70 of the most respected brands in healthcare rely on Verato for a complete and trusted 360-degree view of the people they serve to accelerate the success of their digital health initiatives and fully understand consumers’ preferences, risks, and needs from the beginning and throughout their care journey. Only the Verato HITRUST-certified, next-generation cloud identity platform enables interoperability across the complex digital health ecosystem with unprecedented accuracy, ease, and time-to-value. With an enterprise-wide single source of truth for identity, Verato ensures that you get identity right from the start. For more information, visit Verato.com.


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