di , 03/11/2021

The hybrid session, held in partnership with Plexus Ventures and Healthware Group and focused on digital therapeutics (DTx) endorsement by pharma companies, will take place on November 12th at 2 pm CET as a part of Frontiers Health 2021 conference. The session will be streamed online from Milan, Italy and will be available for both virtual and in-person attendees of the event.

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) are rapidly gaining momentum and growing in number and quality across all therapeutic areas. In this context, pharma companies are facing the challenge of exploring ways to incorporate software therapeutics in their product portfolios.

While DTx can provide a lot of value for pharma (improve patient outcomes, support existing drugs, create additional revenue streams and allow for greater patient interaction), the real challenge lies in choosing the right ways to incorporate DTx in the business operations of pharma companies.

In May 2021, Plexus Ventures and Healthware Group hosted an insightful webinar on the evolution of pharma-DTx partnership (you can read key takeaways from the webinar here). The topic generated great interest from the audience, therefore the session at Frontiers Health 2021 will be a continuation of this fruitful discussion, diving deeper into exploring the value of DTx for pharma companies.

The session, moderated by Kristin Milburn, Managing Director at Healthware Labs, will include Gabriele Tundo, Partner at Plexus Ventures and Gerry Chillè, Head of Digital Therapeutics at Healthware Group.

About Plexus Ventures

Plexus Ventures, a proud conference partner, supports companies of all sizes and capabilities in achieving their strategic objectives through business development deals and built an international reputation among pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies all over the world.

In partnership with Healthware Group, Plexus aims to accelerate collaborative alliances between DTx and pharma companies by leveraging its decades of experience in successfully structuring transactions through a meticulously designed process.

Join Frontiers Health conference on November 11-12th in Milano or online and get a chance to network with Gabriele from Plexus Ventures and many other international health innovators!