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SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#behavioralhealth–Concert Health, a leading behavioral health medical group, today announced a partnership with Froedtert Health, a leading Wisconsin-based healthcare provider, to improve the quality of care for pediatric, women’s health, and primary care patients. The partnership, which launched in Spring 2023, involves 30 providers in Manitowoc and Sheboygan counties.

Concert Health specializes in the Collaborative Care Model, an evidence-based approach to identifying and treating patients with behavioral health conditions in primary care settings. With resources and the technical know-how, Concert Health provides accessible care to patients who may not have had access previously. Collaborative Care meets patients at their point of need while providing full transparency and support for patients and providers.

Froedtert Health is committed to delivering the highest quality care to our patients, and we recognize the critical importance of addressing both physical and mental health needs,” said Mark Behl, executive vice president and chief operating officer, Froedtert Health. “We are excited to partner with Concert Health to deliver a collaborative care model that will improve patient outcomes and enhance the overall healthcare experience for our patients.”

The partnership between Froedtert Health and Concert Health will initially focus on improving care delivery for pediatric, women’s health, and primary care patients. By integrating behavioral health services into primary care, the organizations aim to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and increase access to care for patients.

We are excited to expand our behavioral health services to Froedtert Health and bring top-notch care to the patients they serve,” said Spencer Hutchins, CEO and co-founder of Concert Health. “Our aim at Concert Health is to deliver high-quality integrated care by putting primary care providers at the center of a patient’s physical and behavioral health. Primary care providers are a natural resource for accessing behavioral care, and decades of research demonstrate that it’s the most effective method for whole-person care.”

About Concert Health

Concert Health is building America’s best behavioral health medical group. Through Collaborative Care, an evidence-based model for treating depression and anxiety in primary care settings, Concert Health makes it easy for primary care and women’s health physicians to deliver high-quality behavioral health care and improve clinical outcomes. The company currently operates in 17 states and has cared for over 53,000 patients. To learn more about Concert Health’s approach, visit concerthealth.com.

Concert Health, Inc. is an administrative and managerial services company affiliated with several professional corporations that deliver medical services. Together, these organizations operate under the Concert Health brand.

About Froedtert Health

Froedtert Health is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based, integrated health care system providing a variety of health-related services, including hospitals and health centers, home care, laboratory, health insurance, employer health services and workplace clinics, and digital health solutions.


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