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WAYNE, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ELMC Rx Solutions, LLC (“ELMCRx”) is pleased to announce its independent launch. This follows its purchase by Principal Owner and CEO, Richard Fleder, from its former parent, ELMC Risk Solutions, LLC (“ELMC”). Fleder and Mary Ann Carlisle, ELMCRx’s CRO and COO, will continue to lead ELMCRx in its mission to provide quality cost containment and clinical PBM services through a growing portfolio of organically developed programs, acquired companies, and select partnered services.

Fleder is committed to ELMCRx’s mission to “maximize the value of pharmacy benefit plans and to expand cost containment and management offerings, with enhanced specialty and non-specialty solutions.” By targeting skyrocketing prices and inefficiency in the specialty drugs market, ELMCRx’s model centralizes expert clinicians and technology for the benefit of plan sponsors, carriers, TPAs, brokers, consultants, and members.

“Through our strategic acquisitions and partnerships, we’re building a portfolio of service solutions that can be accessed through one entry point. This will give our broker and TPA partners the ability to implement unique solutions, delivering immediate results to their clients,” continued Fleder.

In 2013, Fleder created ELMC through acquisitions and a partnership with investment firm J.C. Flowers & Co. He has been active in insurance and healthcare for more than 40 years and has successfully developed and exited multiple companies. In 1995, Fleder created broker consulting firm Thesco Benefits, LLC (“Thesco”), one of the top 10 largest specialists in the country, which he merged into the T&H Group in 2006 before its ultimate sale to Blackstone. Prior to that, Fleder co-founded Comprehensive Benefits (CBSC) in 1978, which he built into the largest third-party administrator in the Northeast. CBSC was then acquired by EBP Healthplans before their combined sale to First Health, a division of First Data Corporation.

Carlisle brings senior experience from a variety of industries to ELMCRx. In addition to her eight years of executive leadership at ELMC, she has more than a dozen years of TPA and brokerage leadership. Since 2018, she has led ELMC’s prescription drug companies and managed the acquisition and rebuild of Tesser, a digital health platform. Before joining ELMC, Carlisle was an executive at Thesco Benefits, Fleder’s brokerage firm.

About ELMCRx Solutions

ELMCRx Solutions, “ELMCRx”, is a PBM services company with a technology-based focus on clinical management and prescription drug cost containment. The company was founded and purchased by Richard Fleder and Mary Ann Carlisle, who together bring many years of industry experience. For more information, visit www.elmcrx.com.


Mary Ann Carlisle, CRO/COO

ELMCRx Solutions