di , 21/11/2022

After successfully completing the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices’ (Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte aka BfArM) assessment procedure last month, the German government added the Endo-App to its DiGA directory.

Endo-App offers evidence-based and guidelines-compliant content, methods and exercises for multimodal pain therapy and endometriosis therapy to those suffering from endometriosis.

The app provides information about endometriosis, treatment options, chronic pain and the most appropriate person to contact. The program, however, focuses on teaching evidence-based self-management techniques for chronic pain disorders and gynecological disorders, as well as observing individual symptoms. It is designed to help users manage their endometriosis symptoms and improve their quality of life as part of self-management.

A better quality of life is ensured by the app’s four major features:

  • Knowledge Transfer about the endometriosis, through video and written contents, based on scientific sources and guideline recommendations;
  • Exercises to relieve endo symptoms;
  • Tracking and self-monitoring of all events;
  • Motivation and support: it helps reinforcing positive behavioral patterns and reminds of all the other functionalities.

Among the elements of multimodal pain therapy that are integrated, there are validated questionnaires, diaries, and guided exercises, as well as techniques from gynecology, physiotherapy, manual therapy, pain therapy, rehabilitation, ergotherapy, social pedagogy, movement therapy, nutritional medicine, resource activation, resilience building, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness-centered stress reduction.

How to activate the Endo-App

The user will need an activation code from the health insurance company. How to get the code? There are basically two options: having proof of diagnosis of the endometriosis; or getting a prescription from the doctor.
Once the prescription is submitted to the health insurance company, the user will receive a code to be entered into the Endo app. The code activates the Endo app for one quarter. Towards the end of the quarter, the app will inform the user that a new prescription is needed soon in order to continue using the Endo app.