Health and life sciences companies are facing the challenge of engaging digitally savvy healthcare professionals, patients, and stakeholders as technology continues to advance and drive the use of digital channels. While these companies have been quick to invest in digital communications, fully leveraging evolving technologies requires a conscious commitment to customer experience.

In this constantly changing landscape, companies must proactively seek digital enlightenment instead of just passively adopting new technology. To do this, they must challenge existing business models, identify effective digital approaches, and create content that engages customers and adds value to their experience.

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Join Healthware’s roundtable discussion on March 10th at 15:30 CET to learn how companies can proactively strive for digital enlightenment to support customer engagement and the healthcare industry.

Moderated by Dr. Paul Tunnah, Managing Director at Healthware International, the panel featuring Florent Edouard, Global Head of Commercial Excellence at Grünenthal Group, and Ariel Salmang, Chief Growth Officer at Healthware Group and Managing Director of EVERSANA INTOUCH International, will explore how businesses can challenge existing models and use digital techniques to drive value through engaging content.

The discussion will cover topics such as customer-centric strategy, technology application to enhance user experience, and modular content block usage to create agile communications. Attendees will gain insights on maximizing digital healthcare communication and achieving true digital enlightenment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and improve your company’s digital strategy.