di , 28/03/2024

Daewoong Pharmaceutical, a prominent player in the South Korean pharmaceutical industry, has unveiled its groundbreaking drug development system, Daewoong AI System (DAISY).

This innovative platform integrates an extensive molecular model database, the Daewoong Advanced Virtual Database (DAVID), with an AI-targeted substance discovery system. DAISY is set to transform the drug development landscape by enabling the rapid discovery of compound substances and predicting drug properties with unprecedented efficiency.


DAISY represents the culmination of over 40 years of research and development by Daewoong Pharmaceutical. The system is poised to challenge global pharmaceutical giants in the realm of AI-driven drug development, reminiscent of the biblical tale where David triumphed over Goliath.

Key Components:

  1. Daewoong Advanced Virtual Database (DAVID) To harness the power of AI, the globally available open-source compound substance data underwent essential preprocessing. DAVID, the result of this meticulous process, is a repository of 800 million preprocessed molecular models that serve as the foundation for AI-driven drug discovery.
  2. AI-based Virtual Screening (AIVS): A crucial tool within DAISY, AIVS employs 3D modeling and artificial intelligence to discover active substances targeting specific proteins. The utilization of AIVS has led to significant reductions in development time, particularly in areas such as obesity, diabetes, anti-cancer drugs, and the development of protein degraders.

Efficiency gains and promising results

Daewoong Pharmaceutical reports a substantial decrease in development time by utilizing DAISY to identify active substances targeting specific proteins. The application of AI technology has demonstrated promising results in various therapeutic areas, including obesity, diabetes, and anti-cancer drugs. DAISY significantly improves the development of protein degraders by simplifying processes through the design of antibodies and evaluating stability at the same time.

Prospects for the future

The company envisions expanding the application of AI drug development systems across different stages of drug development, encompassing pre-clinical, clinical, and post-marketing phases. Daewoong aims to leverage AI technology to reduce the drug development period to seven years and costs to approximately 600 billion won ($450 million). The National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation reported that this signifies a revolutionary shift from the conventional 15-year drug development timeline and development costs ranging from 2 trillion to 3 trillion won.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s DAISY system signifies a paradigm shift in drug development, where the synergy of molecular databases and artificial intelligence accelerates the discovery of innovative drug candidates. As the company continues to pioneer advancements in AI-driven pharmaceuticals, the industry may witness a transformative era characterized by shorter development timelines, reduced costs, and increased success rates in drug discovery and commercialization.