Since launching in Berlin in 2013, the G4A Team has attended a number of innovative digital health conferences around the world. Coming out of the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are thrilled to again be participating in person at one of the premiere digital health conferences in the world: Frontiers Health Global.

This year, the G4A Team has been focused on adjusting their strategy towards new investments. In the past, our Digital Health Partnerships Program has been split into two branches, the Growth Track, and the Advance Track. In creating this division, we sought to provide support for digital health companies at different stages to get their businesses off the ground.

As the digital health ecosystem grew and changed, however, it became clear that there were no longer two specific divisions to be made for digital health companies seeking help from Bayer G4A. In launching our 2022 Digital Health Partnerships, we are looking to address the changes in this ecosystem and provide even more personalised solutions for each company working together with us.

In this new program, we are working off a rolling model to implement innovative solutions more strategically within the digital health ecosystem. Existing within the greater Integrated Care structure at Bayer Pharmaceuticals has given us the unique opportunity to pursue targeted fields within digital health as we see strategic fit. These past months, we have been focusing our energy on scouting companies working on solutions under the umbrella of Cardiometabolic & Renal Diseases and Health for Women.

Our G4A Digital Health Partnerships Model is currently seeking digital health companies developing health-coaching solutions, as well as those devoted to advancing digital physiotherapy. We hope to partner with businesses that are truly pushing the boundaries of virtual care, creating innovative and unique solutions, and focusing on delivering equitable and sustainable solutions to their users.

In this year’s Frontiers Health Conference, G4A team members Jenny Wüstner and Bharat Rachupalli will be in attendance, presenting details surrounding G4A’s innovative approach to accelerating start-ups, as well as discussing in more depth some of the team’s recent projects.