The platform will partner with global organizations to match employees with coaches who have demonstrated their commitment to coaching

YourCoach.Health announced that it will be expanding its services into corporate wellness, partnering with global organizations to deliver individualized, health coaching services to employees. YourCoach will use patent-pending technology and a dedicated health concierge to match the right coaches on its platform to employees from partner organizations.

Marina Borukhovich, Founder and CEO of YourCoach.Health, said:

Health coaches are increasingly occupying a critical role in the health care system that helps clients stay on track for their health goals where meaningful change takes place – beyond the doctor’s office. It’s been our mission to deliver the power of health coaching to the global population and this is a huge step towards achieving that goal.

Employees are assigned a concierge who, along with proprietary algorithms, helps to match enrolled individuals with a dedicated health coach based on their needs. The concierge checks in with them regularly throughout their health journey to ensure a premium experience. Coaches range in specialty, from intuitive eating experts to active aging specialists, many of whom are NBHWC-certified (National Board Health and Wellness Coaching), offering programs that are expressly tailored to each employee’s intended health outcomes.

Eugene Borukhovich, COO at YourCoach.Health, explained:

What truly sets us apart from competitors is that we’re providing companies with an individualized, holistic and effective approach to employee health, with support for every employee, from all walks of life and with all of their unique, evolving health goals. This is the next frontier in global health. If you’re a company that cares about investing in your employees, then you have to invest in their holistic health journey, not just their clinical care visits.

Health coaches will help guide employees in defining their goals, aligning on tactical strategies, tracking progress and providing support. The YourCoach platform will act as an employee’s Virtual Home for their health journey, integrating a suite of self-paced digital health solutions such as Happitech and HealthTunes as well as digital therapies that can be incorporated into coaching programs.

YourCoach.Health is also rolling out a revolutionary, gamified pricing model for practicing coaches on the platform, that incrementally decreases the cost of utilizing the platform based on how much they practice on the platform.

“We’re confident that this new pricing model will support our coaches in building their skills, increase the availability of health coaches for individual clients and employer partners on our platform and motivate coaches to succeed,” says Marina. “We’re cultivating a community of coaches who have demonstrated a dedication to their craft and are excited to provide them with even more opportunities to connect with clients through our new employer offering.”

About YourCoach.Health
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Our unique algorithms match dedicated, verified and practicing health & wellness coaches with employers who believe in providing their employees with the best possible care. Together, we’re working towards our mission to deliver the power of health coaching across the globe, creating Happy and Healthy Humans worldwide.