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Three quarters of the cohort companies are led by women or minority entrepreneurs

LOUISVILLE, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– XLerateHealth (XLH), a nationally recognized healthcare accelerator headquartered in Louisville, KY, with a second location in Flint, MI, today announced the selection of eight startup companies to participate in the 2023 flagship accelerator program.

“We are pleased to welcome this year’s cohort,” said Jackie Wilmot, CEO and co-founder of XLH. “An important element of our mission is to foster equality and inclusivity relative to the founders and types of companies we work with. We are especially excited that over 75% of the startups are founded and led by women and/or minority entrepreneurs. The participating companies represent a mix of medical device, digital health, and drug development companies.”

Recent successes of XLerateHealth alumni companies include:

The cohort kicks off Thursday July 13th, and will culminate with a virtual Demo Day pitch to investors, healthcare ecosystem partners, and the startup community on Thursday October 5th.

XLerateHealth’s 2023 Cohort

Anbiome Life Sciences (Cheshire, CT) a biotech startup specializing in fermentation-based technology and the development of a novel bioactive compound that transforms the management of cancer therapy side effects.

EmpoweRx (Nashville, TN) is a tech enabled platform that transforms healthcare staffing by empowering clinicians through business education courses to effectively start and run their own practice.

FreezeNitTM (Boston, MA) is an effective eco-friendly treatment for a growing and persistent pediatric problem – drug resistant “super lice.” With a single treatment session, FreezeNit™ eliminates the need for messy creams, pesticides, or prescription treatments.

Hidoc Dr. (Sheridan, WY) is an AI-enabled global networking and learning platform for physicians. The company is transforming clinician collaboration by offering evidence-based medical second opinions and case discussions.

Lung Technologies (Seattle, WA) a pre-surgical digital platform that tackles the common and costly post-surgical complications of Pulmonary Atelectasis and Deep Vein Thrombosis by addressing poor venous blood flow in the lower legs and the lungs prior to surgery.

MErald.io (Washington, D.C.) a digital health company that provides black patients access to culturally sensitive quality mental health care by delivering virtual clinical care, immersive therapy, and breakthrough trauma tools.

MNDYRR Technologies (Philippi, WV) a teletherapy and social network platform addressing the pediatric/adolescent mental health crisis by helping child welfare and education professionals better understand and connect with traumatized youth.

NonBinary Solutions (Lexington, KY) standardizes Clinical Decision Support Systems for autism service providers and thereby dramatically improves the quality and efficacy of decision-making by offering a systematic and standardized approach to treatment planning.

About XLerateHealth

XLerateHealth’s mission is to cultivate and grow impactful healthcare innovation in the Midwest, Southeast and other areas of the country where great innovation often goes unrecognized and underfunded. Founded in 2012, XLH supports the development of healthcare innovation through its healthcare accelerator, which helps start-up founders commercialize their business and attract funding. XLerateHealth also leads the efforts to build and operate the XLerator Network, an NIH-funded partnership with Academic Lead University of Kentucky along with 24 other academic institutions in the Southeast. The objective of this work is to increase the commercialization of promising life science and healthcare innovations in the NIH-designated Southeast Institutional Development Award (IDeA) states.


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