During CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Withings unveiled its new “4-in-1” device, BeamO. It is a smart device that can be used at home to self-monitor certain vital parameters, without the intervention of a doctor and without the need to travel to a hospital facility. This “multiscope,” an at home self-monitoring smart device will be able to measure body temperature, blood oxygenation (SpO2), perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) and emulate the functions of a digital stethoscope.

BeamO will allow the user to auscultate the chest sounds or send the file directly to the doctor for further analysis. The smart device, slightly larger than a chocolate bar or a remote control, will be available for purchase at an initial cost of $250 at the expected summer 2024 launch. To make full use of BeamO’s features, the Health Mate app will need to be downloaded and installed, which is currently being updated to help strengthen all of BeamO’s features. Through the app, users will be able to track their medication intake and even report symptoms and their motivation for using BeamO. This data can then be exported and shared with anyone in real time.

More effective and timely monitoring

Withings has also developed a software that offers physicians a complete interface of the measurements taken by their patients. Through video calls, it will be possible for them to monitor the performance of tests with BeamO to correct any positioning errors. This software will be able to manage up to 8 users simultaneously, thus recording diverse and customized data for each of them.

Compared to traditional smartwatches, BeamO should provide a better degree of accuracy and, of course, greater reliability.

The long battery life is certainly another strong point: the company stated that a full charge, the device can run tests for about 8 months straight. Charging, however, would only require connecting to a charger via the USB Type-C cable already included in the package. Connection to the smartphone, and thus to the Health Mate app, can be done via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth; however, Withings recommends Wi-Fi to ensure greater stability and speed.

The company said that while the device is designed primarily for the consumer market, it could have a real impact in the field of telemedicine as well, as it would go a long way toward reducing the errors present in self-reports. Pending CE marking, FDA approval and compliance with some European health regulations, BeamO represents a real innovation capable of reducing the number of devices for at-home health monitoring.