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Feature is Live Today in Seven Hospitals, With Thousands of Patients Already Benefiting From a More Precise and Personalized Education Experience

CLAYMONT, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vital, a leading artificial intelligence (AI)-driven digital health company, announced today that it has introduced the industry’s first AI-Powered Video Education feature, designed to auto-prescribe precise education to patients in the emergency department (ED) and inpatient settings. Building on the company’s successful relationships with over 100 hospitals and 31 health systems, the tool is now available to all existing Vital ERAdvisor and CareAdvisor customers, as well as to new health system partners. Seven hospitals already use the feature to deliver personalized education resources to thousands of patients.

Patient education is an imperative component of any ED visit or inpatient stay. Until now, most hospitals and health systems have relied solely on care teams to provide verbal or paper-based education on-site to dozens or even hundreds of patients per day. With Vital’s new AI-Powered Video Education feature, patients can now automatically receive educational videos curated to their specific condition or medical procedure which adapt to real-time changes in their care throughout their stay. Unlike other solutions, Vital’s technology leverages highly sophisticated algorithms to auto-prescribe the most relevant and comprehensive content for each patient, including prioritizing the educational resources based on urgency and their ability to improve health outcomes. To do so, the feature uses AI to read free-form doctors’ and nurses’ notes, along with more structured orders and procedural codes.

“With the introduction of our AI-Powered Video Education feature, we are tackling some of health care’s most pressing patient engagement challenges head-on,” said Aaron Patzer, co-founder and CEO at Vital. “It’s well known that patient education increases adherence to care plans resulting in fewer readmissions. However, education delivery methods historically have been variable and inconsistent at best. With this new offering, patients and caregivers receive a personalized prescription of highly relevant video-based education content automatically, akin to how YouTube or Spotify delivers user-tailored content. This gives nurses and other clinicians critical time back in their day to practice at the top of their license.”

Purpose-Built to Revolutionize the Hospital Experience for Patients, Caregivers, and Providers

Today, Vital’s AI-Powered Video Education tool features an extensive library of more than 2,000 educational videos covering all the major medical specialties describing patient conditions and procedures. Using data from the hospital’s electronic health records (EHR) system, selections from this library are delivered to each patient based on their unique needs. Patients can now receive educational resources that auto-adapt to their particular condition(s) or medical procedure(s) straight to their smart device, thereby reducing the barriers found in many patient portals. The format is both video and text-based so that patients can engage with the content in the way that suits their learning needs best. By sending video content straight to a patient’s phone by text invite with no download required, nurses save time manually prescribing video content, providing direct education, or directing patients to a patient portal.

“Health care staffing shortages remain a critical issue for hospitals and health systems and can substantially impact both patient experience and health outcomes,” said Stephanie Frisch, Ph.D., MSN, RN, CEN, Director of Nursing at Vital. “With the launch of Vital’s AI-Powered Video Education feature, we are empowering clinical teams through next-generation patient engagement tools designed not only to elevate a patient’s understanding of their health but also to eliminate resource-intensive tasks that can contribute to clinician burnout and distract from the actual delivery of care.”

About Vital

Vital is a modern software for hospitals that makes it easier to communicate with and engage patients in their care. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Vital educates and empowers patients during their emergency department and inpatient visit. Patients can better understand progress towards discharge, request service and comfort items, set goals, view labs, share health status with family, and more. Vital solutions are designed to be easy to use and consumer-focused – all accessible via a patient’s mobile phone and available with no download or password required. Vital improves patient satisfaction, keeps patients in-network, and generates additional revenue for health systems.

Founded by Mint.com creator Aaron Patzer (@apatzer) and Emergency Physician Dr. Justin Schrager, Vital is HIPAA-compliant and a cloud-based software that sits on top of any existing electronic health record system (EHR): Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and more. For more information, please visit vitaler.com or follow us on Twitter (@Vital_EHR) and LinkedIn.


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