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Withings Health Solutions’ connected scales, blood pressure and heart rate monitors, and RPM platform—all configured for SohoMD’s secure patient portal—now enable remote physical observation as an integral part of assessment and diagnosis

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SohoMD, the foremost online mental health platform focused on comprehensive biological psychiatry, today announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with Withings Health Solutions, the Healthcare division of Withings, the global leader in at-home connected health. Conceived as part of a holistic approach to mind/body behavioral healthcare, this is the first time a nationally focused online mental health platform has entered into a direct relationship with a RPM solution provider.

Through this new partnership, SohoMD patients who opt for holistic treatment plans may purchase Withings Body Pro scales and BPM Connect Pro blood pressure and heart rate monitors through SohoMD’s online shop at www.sohomdstore.com. Each product seamlessly integrates with the Withings RPM platform and securely shares the collected data with SohoMD’s e-MD patient portal, making incoming data instantly ready for review by the SohoMD care team. The cellular-enabled products arrive ready to use straight out of the box, requiring no WiFi or bluetooth setup.

“Large fluctuations in weight—which can stem from lost or over-driven appetite, nausea, reduced pleasure in eating, overeating as a coping mechanism, and side effects of psychiatric medication—are typically part of a providers’ ongoing mental health assessment. Yet, online treatment can make monitoring a challenge as patients are not seen in-person. This is something we knew we could improve,” explained Dr. Jacques Jospitre, board-certified psychiatrist and co-founder of SohoMD. “Moreover, research indicates links between higher blood pressure and depressive symptoms, well-being and emotion-related brain activity.1 Withings Health Solutions, with its long history of integrated partnerships and unwavering focus on daily care and prevention, is the perfect partner to help us provide the best evidence-based online mental healthcare.”

This partnership exemplifies the missions held by both organizations. SohoMD, founded and run by two board-certified psychiatrists, delivers multidisciplinary care that is unique in the field of online mental health. Their approach, developed over a decade, was informed by overwhelming evidence that care for mental health disorders must extend beyond talk therapy and psychiatric medications to bring about optimal outcomes. SohoMD takes a functional medicine approach and designs comprehensive treatment plans to help patients achieve optimal mental health.

Withings Health Solutions provides continuous access to more consistent patient data through a remote patient monitoring solution and a portfolio of beautifully designed and easy to use medical devices. Through a single dashboard, providers can collect readings more frequently and are alerted when intervention is necessary for critical patients. This new program with SohoMD, Withings Health Solutions first mental health partnership, creates a seamless process for body weight data and blood pressure readings to be shared with practitioners for faster, more effective mental healthcare.

“This is our first partnership with a licensed psychology platform,” said Antoine Robiliard, Vice President of Withings Health Solutions. “The connection between mental and physical health is inherent, and the SoHoMD care team will now have the capability to closely assess and track changes in their patients measurements and readings, enabling them to offer a more individualized and holistic approach to care. We’re thrilled to engage in a collaboration with a leader in the mental health space and our hope is that this partnership will generate awareness around the value of remote patient monitoring in improving both mental and physical health.”

  1. Schaare, H.L., Blöchl, M., Kumral, D. et al. Associations between mental health, blood pressure and the development of hypertension. Nat Commun 14, 1953 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-023-37579-6

About SohoMD

SohoMD is an online mental health platform that focuses on comprehensive biological psychiatry. Available remotely, their practice offers a combination of modalities, supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that work in tandem with talk-based therapies and medicines. Their team of internal specialists provides integrated mental health services, and considers numerous evidence-based treatments before crafting customized a plan for each patient. Founded in 2011 by psychiatrists Dr. Jacques Jospitre and Dr. Edward Ratush as a New York City-based private psychiatric practice, SohoMD is now available in 20 states and growing. Learn more at www.sohomd.com

About Withings Health Solutions

Health Solutions is a dedicated division of connected health leader Withings, serving healthcare professionals across chronic disease prevention and management, remote patient monitoring, clinical research, and more. Its mission is to bridge the gap between patients and their care teams by continuously and effortlessly providing healthcare professionals with medical-grade data generated by patients from an ecosystem of connected devices. The Withings portfolio includes connected scales, blood pressure monitors, an advanced sleep system, a smart temporal thermometer, and hybrid smartwatches. It also includes data connectivity options as well as a remote patient monitoring platform. For more than a decade, Withings has built an expertise in user experience, engagement, and retention. Withings Health Solutions extends this expertise to the healthcare industry to remove friction in the patient’s journey and allow for digital health to expand. For more information, visit: www.withingshealthsolutions.com.


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