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Transformative Healthcare IT Executive Brings More Than 25 Years of Experience to myphysician360; Poston to Lead Multiple Teams for Organization

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–myphysician360, the industry leader in developing innovative solutions for the clinical care-process partnership between local pharmacies, patients, and health plans, has announced the appointment of Alexander Poston, Jr., as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Poston will lead myphysician360’s software engineering, operations, and customer support teams’ execution of the company’s technical vision and strategy, while overseeing the development and delivery of myphysician360’s novel solution for rural healthcare.

“Alex brings a proven track record of success to the role at myphysician360, and I am confident that his leadership will inspire our team members as we continue to innovate and provide game-changing solutions for the rural local community pharmacist,” said Michael Muchnicki, CEO, myphysician360.

“The delivery of healthcare to rural and medically underserved communities requires new and unique modern solutions,” Poston added. “I am excited to join a company focused on enabling exceptional care for rural communities through a combination of trusted healthcare partners and innovative technology-enabled solutions.”

Poston joins myphysician360 with more than over 25 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience and is known for expertly developing and acquiring new technological innovations, solutions, and tools to improve the delivery of healthcare for the patient and the healthcare systems. With an extensive background in the healthcare technology space, Poston has previously served as CEO of Digibyte, President and CIO of Entrada and CIO of Total eMed.

About myphysician360

myphysician360 is leading Digital Health innovation in rural America, providing a solution to improve access to care through the company’s national network of rural community pharmacies. The myphysician360 value proposition serves pharmacies, patients, and health plans by directly addressing the many challenges in rural healthcare in America. Operating in all 50 states, myphysician360’s medical group of Board-Certified Internal Medicine clinicians provides on-demand primary and urgent care 365 days a year. To learn more, visit: http://www.myphysician360.com.


Sumedha Jani