This appointment marks a turning point for Newel Health in advancing Digital Therapeutics and Healthcare Innovation

Salerno, Italy | Newel Health, a pioneer in digital therapeutics, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ervin Ukaj as its new Chief Executive Officer. A proven leader with an extensive digital health background, Ervin is well-positioned to drive Newel Health’s impact in the healthcare industry. Ervin’s impressive career includes founding startups acquired through successful mergers and acquisitions with entrepreneurial stint at Oppimi and strategic roles at Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

Ervin will spearhead the commercialization of the company’s pioneering digital therapeutics portfolio. He also aims to expand Newel’s cardiovascular and neuroscience product pipelines through strategic partnerships leveraging the company’s H.Core framework for the rapid development and testing of novel digital therapeutic candidates.

As I step into the role of CEO at Newel Health, I’m driven by a deep sense of purpose, said Ervin Ukaj. ” Our journey in the digital therapeutic realm is about more than just navigating complexities; it’s about fostering understanding, collaboration, and innovation. Together, we’re on a mission to ensure that patients and providers alike recognize the incredible promise of digital therapeutics, backed by rigorous research and validation. We want to forge a future where healthcare isn’t just effective, but compassionate and tailored to each person’s unique needs.

Ervin’s entrepreneurial experience combined with his field knowledge, make him ideally suited to usher Newel into this new chapter,” said Mauro Pretolani Senior Partner of the FITEC fund-Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR, an indirect investor in Newel Health. “Under his guidance, we expect that Newel will accelerate product adoption in this nascent industry.”

Ervin holds an executive MBA from Bologna Business School and an GMP from Harvard Business School.

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About Newel Health:
Newel Health is a pioneering company dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with health conditions and supporting the work of their healthcare providers by developing clinically validated digital medicines (DM) and digital therapeutics (DTx) solutions. The company partners with pharmaceutical, medical device, and wellness organizations to broaden its customer base and fulfill its vision for future healthcare. With a history of successful industry collaborations and a patient-centered approach, Newel Health consistently achieves positive outcomes.
The company actively develops new digital product ideas in neuroscience and cardiovascular health and aims to forge new partnerships to expand its DTx offerings. Additionally, Newel Health owns H.Core, a proprietary software framework that speeds up the design, validation, production, and launch of its DM and DTx solutions. Read more at: