COPENHAGEN (July 25, 2023) – Dawn Health, a global leader in digital health, today released a patient companion App called Ekiva-MS to support people living with multiple sclerosis (PlwMS). Developed as part of their collaboration with the leading pharmaceutical company Novartis, this App intends to significantly increase patients’ empowerment in their chronic MS care.

The remote patient monitoring App has been co-created with patients and aims to address unmet needs of PlwMS around understanding disease activity and receiving support with their chronic care in the remote at-home setting. Launching today in Germany, the App supports patients to better manage their life with MS, be more empowered and enable more shared decision making with their HCP based on new levels of insights into their disease activity.

The experience and symptoms for PlwMS is very dependent on the individual patient and presents in unpredictable ways for every patient, leading to high levels of uncertainty and concern between HCP interactions. As a lifelong condition that affects the body’s nervous system, MS impacts every person differently, with severity or even existence of different symptoms and quality of life impacts varying significantly across the patient population. This leads to treatment of MS being more challenging with a conservative and sometimes delayed escalation type of approach to treatment. To improve patient care and outcomes in MS, it is therefore very important to personalize the treatment for each patient, making the launch of Ekiva-MS an opportunity for them to feel more in control and knowledgeable about their own experience with MS to enable more shared decision making with their HCPs.

The name “Ekiva” is derived from the meaning of protection and shelter. The App is designed to support patients and foster personalized, data-driven conversations with their HCPs, resulting in more informed and empowered conversations. At the heart of Ekiva-MS are components such as symptom and quality of life tracking, passive data collection and novel digital biomarkers, such as “DreaMS” from Healios – all coming together to provide a holistic view of each individual’s experiences and day-to-day life with MS. This information is used to optimally support patients in their preparation for the next HCP consultation through a deeper understanding of disease activity and relevant information and support in between HCP interactions to provide support and guidance.

Daniel Daugaard, Dawn Health Founder and CEO, says, “We are thrilled to see the launch of Ekiva-MS in Germany today. We are deploying a truly impactful solution to empower PlwMS, ensuring we deliver on their unmet needs through deep co-creation and user-centricity. Our collaboration with Novartis enables us to improve the lives of patients around the world, and in an over-burdened and highly complex healthcare ecosystem, we can help empower individuals living with diseases through our patient-first products to optimize care and improve the quality of consultations between HCPs and patients.”

Ekiva-MS is the first product emerging from the collaboration between Dawn Health and Novartis announced earlier this year. Strong co-creation with patients combined with exceptional speed in technical development have made it possible to deliver the product to market in only 6 months. Ekiva-MS is a great representation of the potential of digital health and how the right setup can accelerate delivery to provide improvements to patient care in a fast and effective way.

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