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Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are influential people in society who have a lot of knowledge about certain topics. Brands often overlook them and this is unfortunate because they can provide valuable insight into what consumers want or need, which means that by working with key KOLs you’ll know more than just your customers’ opinions on products. You’ll also be able to hear directly from those most trusted sources regarding trends within their industry. So it’s easier for all parties involved.

With respect specifically to healthcare industries’ market shifts – we will explore how these influencers affect the healthcare industry. In doing so we’ll explore:

  • A quick healthcare industry overview.
  • The impact KOLs have on the healthcare industry.
  • How to harness the power of KOLs and move forward.

Here are a few interesting statistics of the Healthcare industry to remember before knowing further.

  • In 2018, the global healthcare industry was valued at $8.45 trillion and could top $10 trillion by 2022.
  • Healthcare’s percentage of GDP in the U.S. has grown from 5% in 1960 to 2% in 2018.
  • The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) market in the healthcare industry is forecast to hit $136 billion by 2021.

Healthcare is a rapidly changing industry with an ever-growing list of new regulations, which means that it’s time for you to invest in order technology.

Healthcare Industry Overview

In a new decade, the healthcare industry, especially ehr software, is increasing integration with technology.  Some forecasts point out that this will continue and others predict a boom in tech-based innovations to solve many problems within our society’s second oldest profession.

Artificial intelligence tools, cloud computing data solutions, and digital outpatient care are some of the hot topics on the menu for health IT professionals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed giant strains on the industry and revealed shortcomings in supply chain, delivery of PPE (personal protective equipment) or ventilators. And obviously a vaccine is at top priority list for short term needs.

The healthcare industry is hungry for tech, and it’s no surprise that this year has been no different. Below you can see 7% of our analysis was spent looking at how they are using technology in their workday- from medical records management systems to electronic health records platforms.

The pandemic has taught us that technology, when applied correctly can be an effective way to combat health care providers. So now the challenge becomes implementing these strategies. And in this industry itself key opinion leaders have become household names with their words and actions following closely behind news cycles as they comment on topics ranging from patient satisfaction ratings all of way up till policy changes within countries themselves – affecting everything we do at work every day .

Top influencers in the healthcare space are Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of The White House Coronavirus Task Force; Nadine Dorries MP for mental health and suicide prevention issues within England’s government as well as being a member on several committees dealing with these topics specifically (Nadina has also been active internationally); Sanjay Gupta CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent who served alongside Grady Memorial Hospital’s neurosurgery department during his time there practicing medicine while becoming known far beyond Atlanta city limits due both TV shows he hosts.

Key opinion leaders are an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy. They can, and often do carry a lot of sway in their industries- it is important for brands to be aware when key individuals start conversations about your products or services so that you may take advantage.

KOL Healthcare Industry Impact 

KOLs have played an important role in this health crisis by advising their followers on how they can protect themselves. One such example is the recent mask conversation that took place as a result of what’s been happening here at home with all these viruses popping up everywhere – it wasn’t advised for anyone out there wearing one until recently though because hey, you never know.

The CDC’s new guidelines about wearing masks to protect against the flu caused a sudden shortages in PPE (personal protective equipment) such as facemasks and gloves. But before long, brands were cashing-in on this craze with items ranging from $30 Louis Vuitton bag copies for charity auctions all of way down through small Etsy shops selling DIY crafting supplies like duct tape or fabric paintbrushes – which had been used by some people who wanted nothing more than protection against respiratory illnesses but still needed something light enough so they could wear it while working at their jobs without sacrificing productivity.

And as consumer sentiment usually follows the news cycle, they have a great deal experience and knowledge that they can translate into impactful words for your product or service, which is why it’s important not only to listen when these professionals speak but also take their advice seriously!

To give you a sense of the action these influencers can create in your online conversation, check out this graph highlighting their activity on July 28th.

When Dr. Fauci threw out the first pitch at this year’s MLB season opener, he instantly became an internet sensation for his outfit and actions that were eerily reminiscent of Spiderman (although we all know there is no such thing as superhero costume).

The key opinion leaders in an industry are often the first to know about new trends and innovations, but brands need their input. They can shape conversations even when they don’t intend on going that direction- so it’s important for companies not only monitor what these individuals say online (and elsewhere), but also take them into account when designing marketing campaigns or advertising materials.

Using the Power of KOLs to Move Forward

It is important to monitor the conversations your brand has in order for you, as an organization and company representatives. This will give insight on what people are saying about it outside of consumer or competitor influence so that when there’s fluctuations within these threads they can be more easily traced back their source which may lead them down different conversational paths depending upon who started such discussion first . 

A snapshot showing some key indicators relevant industries include healthcare where we’ve identified several influencers among our KOLs (key opinion leaders).

While it is true that most of the conversation has shifted over time, there are still very few mentions from Nadine Dorries. If you’re in an industry with connections to hers then be on alert for when she resumes her intermittent contribution because these conversations can have impacts both large and small.

The mental health theme remains prevalent throughout this article  Even though only one person talks about their own struggle day-to Nightscoring mentally toughest battles they’ve been through; we all need help sometimes.

Key opinion leaders have the means to shift not only consumer sentiment, but public policy as well. Understanding their activity is also essential for understanding society at large- so here’s a glimpse into how our healthcare KOLs have fared over time.

It’s clear that trust is the most returned emotion. However, when we look at how people feel about their social relationships over time it becomes more interesting.

What’s interesting about this timeline is how it changes from an analysis of customer sentiment to one describing what happened in the past year for a company. One thing that becomes clear: there was more trust during March than afterwards, and then suddenly nothing anymore! This means brands need our help understanding why we feel so differently at different times – because if they knew exactly where everyone would be emotionally on any given day (or week) their business could probably do better too.

The competitive intelligence process is a delicate balance between insight and receptivity. One moment they may be well received, only for their initiatives to meet with disdain in the next instant- this bit of insight helps you navigate those waters successfully.

To stay ahead in their industries, brands should have a firm grip on KOLs and monitor them closely. They can help generate news coverage for you that will put your company at an advantage over the competition.