pharmaphorum* announced its media partnership for the first-ever “The World Without Disease Summit”, a two-day event that will bring together global leaders and innovators to explore the potential of disease interception in future healthcare.

The summit, which is set to take place on June 21st and 22nd, 2023, in London, is a joint effort between pharmaphorum and CWWDA (The Connected World Without Disease Accelerator), an established industry leader in this space.

*pharmaphorum is an online publication on a mission to educate, inform, engage, and connect pharmaceutical industry leaders and to equip them to thrive in healthcare’s evolving digital future.

The summit aims to address the critical inflexion point healthcare systems worldwide are facing worldwide as aging populations and tightening budgets are causing treatment for late-stage symptomatic diseases to become unsustainable. Instead, the event proposes an innovative paradigm, where equal emphasis is placed on early disease prediction, prevention, and interception, enabling healthcare professionals to deliver improved outcomes for patients.

Ben Wiegand, Founding Partner at CWWDA and former senior executive at UnitedHealth and Janssen, was instrumental in conceiving and developing the summit.

The World Without Disease Summit will welcome delegates from the biopharma, medtech, digital health, regulatory, government, insurance, and investment communities.

A roster of internationally renowned experts and future thinkers will be in attendance, including Ben Wiegand, Paul Tunnah (Founder of pharmaphorum), Prof. Giles Yeo (University of Cambridge), Sir Harpal Kumar (President of GRAIL Europe), Francisco Leon (CSO & Co-Founder of Provention Bio), Stefan Woxström (SVP Europe and Canada, AstraZeneca), Daniel Zakowski (CEO of Ready Set Foods), Mike Johnson (CEO of Infinant Health), Richard Insel, M.D. (Head of Pediatric Health and Wellness, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc), Hutan Ashrafian (CSO – Preemptive Medicine and Health Security, Flagship Pioneering), Ken Ehlert (Former CSO, UnitedHealth Group), Stefan Vlachos (Head of Health Works, AstraZeneca), Christine Lemke (CEO of Evidation), and Josh Suskewicz (Partner at Innosight).

The summit’s structure is expected to be chronological, moving through themes, which address the key barriers to overcome in delivering a World Without Disease: clinical, regulatory, and investment.

Across all sessions, panellists will discuss the prediction, interception, and prevention elements required for a World Without Disease.

The summit will consider all the various elements that can deliver a world without disease: AI/machine learning techniques, novel biomarkers and digital biomarkers, and existing and novel therapeutics.

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