di , 12/05/2021

Innovation Lab Asia, a non- profit, community-based initiative that connects the Nordic and Japanese startup ecosystems, has recently updated their Nordic Healthtech Report profiling Nordic healthtech startups.

The updated report includes a total of 24 companies from the Nordic countries showcasing their solutions and ambitions, especially chosen for their relevance to the japanese market.

The Nordics and Japan have much in common, and face many of the same challenges. Both regions are relatively affluent, and technologically advanced. Both face an aging population and dwindling workforce, necessitating innovative solutions in healthcare technologies. The Nordic healthcare ecosystems are globally renowned for providing efficient, high-quality, population-wide health-care systems.

Nordic Healthtech has never been more relevant, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is an urgent need for introducing solutions that enable remote monitoring and treatment of patients, and provide tools for prevention, earlier diagnosis, and self-help.

Download the full report