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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “OTC/DTC Infectious Disease Diagnostics: Strategies and Trends for Over the Counter and Direct To Consumer – Forecasts by Application by Channel and by Country with Market Analysis, Executive Guides, and Market Opportunity Analysis” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

The global healthcare paradigm is shifting with the emergence of self-testing technologies and evolving diagnostics for infectious diseases. A comprehensive and insightful report analyzing these transformative trends has been added to our industry-leading research publication collections.

The detailed document navigates the complex landscape of Over the Counter (OTC) and Direct to Consumer (DTC) diagnostics that beckon a new era in medical testing. The report provides forecasts by application, distribution channel, and country alongside a rigorous market analysis and executive guidance.

In the past years, advancements in rapid testing and self-sampling technologies have redefined the accessibility and convenience of diagnostics away from traditional clinical settings. This move towards consumer-centric health testing was accelerated by the recent global pandemic, emphasizing the critical role of self-testing capabilities. The document explores the potential that OTC and DTC infectious disease diagnostics hold for future market growth and consumer empowerment.

Within the extensive market analysis, the report illuminates the dynamic interplay between PCR and immunoassay technologies and how emerging players such as CRISPR-based diagnostics are poised to enter the consumer market. These technical advancements are analyzed for their potential to change current market paradigms and foster a growing and evolving industry.

Infectious Disease Diagnostics has become a key focus area, with multiple players entering the field. The research provides an in-depth look at the current and future market participants driving growth in this sector.

  • Market forecasts spanning from 2023 to 2027
  • Comprehensive analysis of OTC and DTC trends and strategies
  • Evaluation of new testing technologies and their market implications
  • Exclusive insights into rapid and multiplex testing innovations
  • Assessment of the impact of recent global health events on self-testing adoption
  • Detailed country-specific market breakouts and actionable intelligence

The inclusion of current United States Medicare Fee Payment Schedules within the report also offers invaluable information for pricing strategies in this burgeoning market.

The report’s depth and scope extend to detailed breakouts for 15 countries and four regions, highlighting the global nature of the infectious disease diagnostics market and its varied dynamics. This latest analysis is expected to be of significant interest to stakeholders, healthcare providers, and investors looking to understand and capitalize on this rapidly growing market segment.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Market Guides

1.1 Situation Analysis

1.2 Guide for Executives and Marketing Staff

1.3 Guide for Investment Analysts and Management Consultants

2 Introduction and Market Definition

2.1 What is OTC and DTC Testing?

2.2 OTC/DTC Testing – the quiet revolution in diagnostics

2.3 Self vs. Send – who knew?

2.4 Market Definition

2.5 Methodology

2.6 Perspective: Healthcare and the IVD Industry

3 The Infectious Diseases – Guide to the Pathogens

3.1 HIV – Human Immunodeficiency Virus (AIDS)

3.1.1 Virology Classification Structure and Genome Tropism Replication cycle Genetic variability

3.1.2 Diagnosis

3.1.3 Testing Antibody tests Point of Care Tests (POCT) Antigen Tests Nucleic acid-based tests (NAT) Other tests used in HIV treatment

3.2 HBV – Hepatitis B

3.2.1 Virology Genome Pathogenesis Hepatitis B virus replication Serotypes and genotypes

3.2.2 Mechanisms

3.2.3 Diagnosis

3.2.4 Market Opportunity Analysis

3.3 HCV – Hepatitis C

3.3.1 Taxonomy

3.3.2 Molecular biology

3.3.3 Replication

3.3.4 Genotypes

3.3.5 Market Opportunity Analysis

3.4 HPV – Human papillomavirus

3.4.1 Virology

3.4.2 Diagnosis

3.4.3 Market Opportunity Analysis

3.5 Coronavirus

3.5.1 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

2.5.2 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

3.5.2 COVID-19. The SARS CoV 2 Virus

3.5.3 Pandemic Diagnostics

3.6 Influenza

3.6.1 Flu

3.6.2 Testing

3.6.3 Market Opportunity Analysis

3.7 CT/NG – Chlamydia/Gonorhea

3.7.1 Gonorrhea

3.7.2 Chlamydia

3.7.3 Testing

3.7.4 Market Opportunity Analysis

3.8 UTI

3.8.1 Diagnosis

3.8.2 Testing

3.8.3 Market Opportunity Analysis

3.9 GAS

3.9.1 Infectious Agents

3.9.2 Market Opportunity Analysis

3.10 RESP

3.10.1 Diagnosis

3.10.2 Market Opportunity Analysis

4 Industry Overview

4.1 Industry Participants

4.1.1 IVD Supplier

4.1.2 Independent lab specialized/esoteric

4.1.3 Independent lab national/regional

4.1.4 Independent lab analytical

4.1.5 Public National/Regional Lab

4.1.6 Hospital lab

4.1.7 Physician lab

4.1.8 Pharmacies

4.1.9 Audit body

4.2 The Clinical Laboratory Market Segments

4.2.1 Traditional Market Segmentation

4.2.2 Laboratory Focus and Segmentation

4.2.3 Segmenting the OTC/DTC Market

4.3 Industry Structure

4.3.1 Hospital Testing Share

4.3.2 Economies of Scale

4.3.3 Hospital vs. Central Lab

4.3.4 Physician Office Lab’s The Problem with POLS

4.3.5 Physician’s and OCT/DTC

4.3.6 Pharmacies and OCT/DTC The Diagnostic Plight of Pharmacies – Trying to do good The Theranos Legacy

5 Market Trends

5.1 Factors Driving Growth

5.1.1 Privacy and Anonymity

5.1.2 The Internet Effect

5.1.3 Rapid Result

5.1.4 The Wellness Movement

5.1.5 The COVID-19 Impact

5.2 Factors Limiting Growth

5.2.1 Trust Factor

5.2.2 Infectious Disease is Declining But..

5.2.3 Wellness Hurts

5.2.4 Economic Growth Improves Living Standards

5.3 Diagnostic Technology Development

5.3.1 The Multiplex Paradigm Shift

5.3.2 NAT vs. Lateral Flow

5.3.3 The Unusual Role of GPS

5.3.4 Self and Send Competition

5.3.5 The Relationship to DTC Genetic

5.3.6 The Relationship to TeleHealth

5.3.7 Sample Collection – Who Knew?

6 OTC/DTC Infectious Disease Testing Recent Developments

6.1 Recent Developments – Importance and How to Use This Section

6.1.1 Importance of These Developments

6.1.2 How to Use This Section

6.2 DiagMetrics Developing Breath Assays

6.3 Co-Diagnostics Awarded $2.3M for TB, HPV Tests

6.4 POC Developers Nuclein and Minute Molecular Dx Merge

6.5 ReadyGo Dx to Make MDx Testing a ‘Snap’

6.6 Altratech Enters POC Space Supplanting PCR

6.7 FDA Authorizes First OTC Home Test for both Influenza and COVID-19

6.8 Pharmacies Poised to Capture At-Home Diagnostics Category

6.9 How Labcorp, Abbott, BD, Siemens plan to expand home testing market

6.10 Morgan Health Invests in LetsGetChecked

6.11 New US$ 1 price for HIV self-tests

6.12 Startup Detect to Roll Out Next-Gen Molecular Instrument

6.13 Diagnostics for the Real World Third-Generation POC Platform

6.14 Labcorp Partnering With Getlabs for Home Collection

6.15 Salignostics Closes Funding Round

6.16 Cue Health Targets DTC Market in 2022

6.17 Grip Molecular Developing Home Respiratory Panel

6.18 Mainz Biomed Developing Home ColoAlert Assay

6.19 MFB Fertility Closes Series A Financing Round

6.20 Continued Demand for SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Tests

6.21 Rapid Covid-19 Test Results Risk Going Uncounted

6.22 FDA Grants EUAs for Direct-to-Consumer Coronavirus Kit

6.23 Researchers Develop 15-Minute PCR System

6.24 Stanford Developing Low-Cost, At-Home, COVID-19 Saliva Test

6.25 Lucira Health Files for $115M IPO

6.26 Spectrum Solutions Gets CE Mark for Saliva Collection Devices

6.27 Sherlock Biosciences Receives Gates Foundation Grant for COVID-19 Self-Test

6.28 LabCorp Receives EUA for OTC COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit

6.29 FemtoDx Launches Rapid At-Home Test Development for COVID-19

6.30 FDA approves first at-home coronavirus test

6.31 Free Home HIV Tests Detect More Infections

6.32 Biohacking trend supports self-testing.

6.33 PerkinElmer and EverlyWell to Expand U.S. At-Home Health Test Market

6.34 Mylan, Atomo Diagnostics Get WHO Prequalification Approval for HIV Self-Test

6.35 OraSure Technologies, Inc. Announces Two Acquisitions

6.36 Nigerian Govt Approves Alere HIV Self-Test Kit

6.37 Boots launches UTI test and treatment service across 37 branches

6.38 Scanwell Health moves beyond home UTI testing

6.39 Healthy.io raises $18 million for at-home urinalysis tests

6.40 LetsGetChecked collects $30M more for at-home health testing

6.41 TestCard, a $4 Urine Test Read by Smartphone

6.42 Digital Health Startup EverlyWell Raises $50M

6.43 Thriva adds test-at-home kits for female hormone and cortisol stress

6.44 Tasso scores $6.1M for patch-based home blood testing

6.45 DBS Systems HEMAXIS receives CE/IVD mark

6.46 Abbott HbA1c point-of-care test reliably diagnoses diabetes

7 Profiles of Key Diagnostic Testing Companies

7.1 1DropDiagnostics

7.2 Abbott Laboratories

7.3 Ador Diagnostics

7.4 ADT Biotech

7.5 Akonni Biosystems

7.6 Alveo Technologies

7.7 Antelope Dx

7.8 Applied BioCode

7.9 Atomo Diagnostics

7.10 Aus Diagnostics

7.11 Becton, Dickinson, and Company

7.12 Binx Health

7.13 Biocartis

7.14 BioFire Diagnostics (bioMerieux)

7.15 bioMerieux Diagnostics

7.16 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc

7.17 Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH

7.18 Cepheid (Danaher)

7.19 Cue Health

7.20 Curetis N.V. / Curetis GmbH

7.21 DBS Systems

7.22 Detect

7.23 Diagenode Diagnostics

7.24 Diasorin S.p.A.

7.25 Ellume

7.26 Everywell

7.27 Getlabs

7.28 Grip Molecular Technologies

7.29 Healthy.io

7.30 Hologic

7.31 Inflammatix

7.32 Invetech

7.33 Janssen Diagnostics

7.34 Karius

7.35 Laboratory Corporation of America

7.36 Letsgetchecked

7.37 Lexagene

7.38 Lucira Health

7.39 Luminex Corp

7.40 Mbio Diagnostics

7.41 Mesa Biotech (Thermo Fisher)

7.42 MFB Fertility

7.43 Mobidiag (Hologic)

7.44 myLabBox

7.45 Mylan

7.46 Nanomix

7.47 OraSure Technologies

7.48 Oxford Nanopore Technologies

7.49 Panagene

7.50 Primerdesign (Novacyt)

7.51 Prominex

7.52 Qiagen

7.53 QuantuMDx

7.54 Quest Diagnostics

7.55 Quidel

7.56 Randox Toxicology

7.57 Roche Molecular Diagnostics

7.58 Salignostics

7.59 Scanwell Health

7.60 SD Biosensor

7.61 Seegene

7.62 Seventh Sense Biosystems

7.63 Siemens Healthineers

7.64 T2 Biosystems

7.65 TestCard

7.66 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

7.67 Thriva

7.68 Visby Medical

7.69 XCR Diagnostics

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