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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Igentify, a digital health company alleviating bottlenecks in the genetic testing process, announced the launch of its Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) and Pharmacogenomics (PGx) offerings via the Digital Genetic Assistant platform. This new roll-out comes in addition to their Expanded Carrier Screening (ECS) offering.

The NIPT workflow includes a patient web-app that facilitates all aspects of patient intake, including an ACOG-compliant consenting process using Igentify’s proprietary video technology to create highly personalized educational videos for each patient. The Digital Genetic Assistant also provides clinician-facing tools that enable fast triaging and return of low-risk results via personalized videos, including optional disclosure of fetal sex.

The PGx offering consists of an all-in-one workflow from raw genetic data to report, with cutting-edge analysis capabilities for haplotyping and star allele calling. The platform currently supports 45 pharmacogenes with a star allele call-rate of 99.7%.

“We are thrilled to expand the accessibility of our platform with programs focused on non-invasive prenatal testing and pharmacogenomics,” said Elliott Greenspan, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder of Igentify. “We believe the strategic addition of the NIPT and PGx tracks are key in expanding the market opportunities for our platform, and are doing so in fields of great relevance that align with the company’s core values.”

About Igentify

Igentify is a digital health company helping clinicians, laboratories, and patients access, interpret, and use genetic information more effectively, via its Digital Genetic Assistant. The Digital Genetic Assistant is a software-based decision support platform that provides a fully scalable, end-to-end genetic workflow. The platform can be customized to a broad spectrum of genetic and genomic tests offered by test providers, and currently supports Expanded Carrier Screening, NIPT and PGx.


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