Healthware Group is proud to share the inaugural July 2021 issue of Healthware Labs’ DIGITAL HEALTH NEWS & UPDATES, a uniquely formatted compilation of clickable news, trends, upcoming events, quotes, and tidbits.

Curated by Kristin Milburn, Managing Director, Healthware Labs, the bi-annual publication will focus on a broad range of relevant industry topics like DTx, telemedicine, AI, and digital transformation as a collection of relevant international news articles, inspirational stories, quotes by prominent experts, and more.

It all started with Healthware Group’s numerous digital health units and internal initiatives:

  • pharmaphorum, providing a comprehensive outlook on what happens in the digital health space;
  • Digital Health Blogs, covering digital health updates and telling the stories of people in digital health;
  • Healthware Theraputics that develops DTx for and together with our partners;
  • Frontiers Health conference, gathering the brightest representatives of the digital health space and promoting thought leadership in healthcare innovation;
  • Internal Digital Health Library and numerous healthwarians contributing to thought leadership in the field.

Healthware intended to leverage this potential to the benefit of all digital health communities.

Along with insights into aspects of Healthware proprietary development approach, methodologies, and industry predictions, each issue of the booklet will also highlight past and current projects and profile a couple of partners, such as Orion Corporation and, as an introduction to the many faces and phases of Healthware Group.

Best of all, the digest brings the most important news to your fingertips, saving you from having to sift through the overwhelming sea of daily headlines and takes approximately 15 minutes to read. Plus, you’ll have the ability to download the PDF right to your devices instead of bookmarking yet another tab to hunt for when you’re less busy. (Which, let’s face it, rarely happens at the speed our industry evolves!)

The debut issue of DIGITAL HEALTH NEWS & UPDATES also offers context around content previously unavailable to the public, like the Frontiers Health 2019 speech of Noom’s CEO, and the president of Teladoc’s 2020 strategy insights.

Read more and download here the first issue of DIGITAL HEALTH NEWS & UPDATES.