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Mobile ecosystem brings together key partners to drive ROI through holistic offerings

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Gozio Health, an open, industry-leading, location-aware digital health platform, today announced it has launched a marketplace of vendors to foster collaboration between health systems and digital application partners. The mobile ecosystem is designed to support a more holistic approach to mobile application design that addresses current industry priorities, builds stakeholder loyalty and drives bottom-line ROI.

The new marketplace complements Gozio’s open platform, which allows health systems to customize how they bring together digital experiences into a single health system app, as well as develop unique digital experiences across a wide variety of stakeholders. This comes at a time when cohesive, personalized digital offerings in healthcare are especially important, as two-thirds of consumers expect digital experiences to mirror the quality of in-person encounters, and the majority of patients say they want to manage their healthcare on a single platform.

“Our marketplace is made up of vendors that specialize in coming together to solve some of healthcare’s most pressing challenges and opportunities – digital engagement, patient communication, patient access and AI to name a few,” said Joshua Titus, CEO and founder, Gozio Health. “We are working hard to make it easy for health systems to combine their vendors of choice using our premium mobile platform to create a seamless digital experience for their patients.”

Artera, Hyro and DexCare are a few vendors in the new marketplace that are helping health system executives address patient access, health equity and tight operational margins by putting consumers in the driver’s seat for their health. Given that the average wait time for appointments has increased to 26 days, health system executives need solutions that both get patients in faster and help improve the outlook on healthcare’s $200-$500 million-a-year revenue leakage problem.

“Coming out of the pandemic, we are facing some big challenges,” said Rich Rogers, CIO for Prisma Health. “We appreciate that Gozio sat down with us as a partner and made some suggestions on how we could increase engagement with patients through our mobile app. With Gozio’s help, we’re addressing key issues like reducing no-shows, increasing appointments scheduled online and improving operational efficiency. We first implemented a deep link in our digital appointment reminders. Since that launch, our app downloads have increased five times over.”

Piedmont Healthcare has also realized significant adoption rates through the Gozio platform, with over 300,000 downloads of its branded mobile app. Seventy percent of those users return to use the app again. To take advantage of that engagement, they implemented a new patient access experience with DexCare and saw a 50% increase in users attempting to schedule an appointment via mobile.

“In today’s world, we are used to having information right at our fingertips,” said Melanie Husk, SVP, Chief Consumer Officer at Baptist Health in Jacksonville, Fla., a health system that recently deployed Hyro to improve the patient experience in their mobile app. “By embracing the joint capabilities of Hyro and Gozio, we will be able to automatically incorporate the latest developments in AI and mobile technology for the benefit of our patients at Baptist Health. Patients can now request services via phone call, SMS or directly through the mobile app, no matter the time or place, to ensure easy and real-time access to care.”

Other partners joining forces with Gozio to solve health system pain points include Televox, Soloinsight, Infermedica and Yext.

For more information about Gozio Health, visit www.goziohealth.com.

About Gozio Health

Gozio Health partners with health systems to increase consumer engagement using a proven mobile platform and strategy. The entire healthcare journey–both in-person and digital–is improved by giving systems the flexibility to consolidate all their patient-facing digital solutions into one premium native mobile experience accessible by anyone, anywhere. Combined with Gozio’s patented indoor positioning technology, the platform empowers consumers to confidently navigate their healthcare journey and enables health systems to more effectively achieve their business goals. Gozio customers surveyed in a 2021 KLAS Research Emerging Technology Spotlight report found 100% satisfaction.


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