Eko Health recently announced the launch of its new next-generation digital stethoscope, CORE 500™

This device represents a pioneering and leading product in digital auscultation and early disease prevention. Thanks to its modern diagnostic tools, CORE 500™ combines artificial intelligence (AI) software, a full-color display, and a 3-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) to deliver an essential patient assessment tool for healthcare professionals (HCPs).   

When used in combination with other FDA-cleared AI products by Eko Health, the stethoscope detects abnormalities such as AFib, bradycardia, and tachycardia within seconds.  

Thanks to in-depth studies in digital medicine, the CORE 500™ comes with up to 40x sound amplification, active noise cancellation, and three audio filter modes, making it an advanced and versatile tool. Additionally, it incorporates Eko’s newest audio innovation called TrueSound™, which utilizes in-ear speaker technology to offer optimal sound filtering and reduce background noise during every patient exam.  

A few years ago, we set out to reimagine the most ubiquitous medical tool. We’ve spent countless hours designing, testing, and refining to produce a flagship product that we’re very proud of and has high clinical value. The CORE 500™ is the result,” said Connor Landgraf, Co-founder & CEO of Eko Health. “The CORE 500™ represents a major leap forward in digital stethoscope technology. When paired with our powerful AI algorithms, it can help detect leading indicators of heart disease in seconds, greatly assisting healthcare professionals in identifying various cardiac conditions with increased accuracy and confidence. This innovative feature aims to save time during routine exams and improve patient outcomes.

CORE 500™ is designed for use in any clinical context, including structural heart, primary care, urgent care, emergency medicine, home care, and virtual care. The device is made from lightweight shatter-, splash-, and scratch-resistant material. Its fast-charging lithium-ion batteries can last up to 60 hours on a single charge. 

As cardiovascular disease rises with our aging population, noninvasive tools like the CORE 500™ turn a patient interaction into potential disease screening,” said Paul Friedman, Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. “Supported AI diagnostic software, advanced audio technology, and 3-lead ECG make this a useful tool for clinicians. The live ECG tracing on the display will help identify patients with previously unknown arrhythmias at the point of care.

CORE 500™ will be compatible with Eko Health’s SENSORA™ Cardiac Disease Detection Platform.  

It is a very advanced machine learning software that doubles the ability to detect cardiac murmurs that often indicate more severe structural heart disease. In this way, the device greatly optimizes the healthcare system, improving results and easing doctors’ work. 

The device also integrates with Eko Live Stream which allows virtual teams to provide patient care with a faster capability to record, analyze and share auscultation data in real-time.