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At the HLTH Conference, DUOS is Unveiling a New Product Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Match Older Adults with Key Resources Ranging from Primary Care to Transportation

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DUOS, a digital health company empowering older adults to live independently through partnerships with Medicare Advantage (MA) health plans, today announced the DUOS+AI platform while at HLTH 2023 in Las Vegas. DUOS+AI’s conversational interface uses a large language model (LLM) that enables the platform to recommend optimal services based on the unique social determinants of health (SDOH) and care navigation needs of the older adult, caregiver, or care manager.

“At DUOS, we focus on practical, value-add applications of AI in our product that help reduce barriers to care and health equity. With this new platform, we will be able to better assess the various needs of older adults and match them with appropriate resources,” said Karl Ulfers, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at DUOS. “There is a straightforward problem at the center of our business: the way that older adults and caregivers present or describe the aging-related problems they face is widely variable. Our technology-based solution can scale for impact and coverage based on the thousands of interactions we’ve had with older adults and their caregivers over the past few years.”

DUOS’ digital app serves both members and care manager teams in identifying needs rooted in social determinants of health and drives interventions to resolve those needs. DUOS+AI triages member’s needs and matches them with impactful action such as relevant benefits, resources, and content. DUOS’ application for phone-based member support agents is fully integrated with DUOS’ member-facing digital app, employing the same underlying AI, to optimize support and communication with members. All digital and virtual interactions feed back into the system, enhancing needs identification and resolution.

“Our use of AI allows us to provide care access to more people. The model can interpret misspellings, slang, non-standard phrasing, and various levels of written literacy as well as non-English language support – out of the box, it can identify most languages,” said Ulfers. “Our large language model (LLM) and trainer simplifies how problem statements get translated into the right resource for an individual. This approachable, text-based interface supports our mission to empower older adults to continue living fully and independently,”

Founded to help older Americans retain independence and make optimal use of their health plans, DUOS works with caregivers, health plans, and health care providers to connect older Americans with the resources and care they need. DUOS’ proprietary LLM allows their members to more efficiently access appropriate resources, allowing each member to receive individualized care through plans already available to them. Through DUOS, health plans are able to connect members with resources required to address aging needs, ranging from transportation or buying groceries; access to a primary care physician, lower costs on drugs, and more. DUOS is available in all fifty states, depending on health plan coverage.

About DUOS

DUOS is a digital health company focused on helping older adults stay connected and age independently. Founded in 2020, DUOS focuses on older adults’ aging needs and maximizes their well-being by connecting them with untapped health plan benefits and building high trust relationships. The DUOS’ System of Aging technology connects caregivers, health plans and healthcare providers to maximize benefits engagement and ensure holistic, personalized support.


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