di , 23/01/2024

In a significant move within the digital health space, Droobi Health, a startup in bilingual digital therapeutics, has merged with Smit.fit, a comprehensive app-based solution specializing in managing metabolic health conditions like type 2 diabetes in India. The amalgamation has given rise to DroobiSmit, headquartered in Singapore, establishing it as a pioneer in the digital diabetes solution sector across the GCC and South Asia regions.

This strategic alliance has received substantial support from key investors, including Qatar’s premier hub for technology development and innovation, Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP), Qatar Development Bank (QDB), and Singapore’s M Venture Partners (MVP).

Mission and Services of DroobiSmit

DroobiSmit aims to transform the lives of individuals grappling with chronic diseases by leveraging digital health services to enhance overall health, manage chronic conditions, and reduce healthcare costs. The solutions offered by DroobiSmit are design for prediabetes, diabetes, and hypertension, utilizing modern technology, personalized coaching, and data-driven insights.

Investment and Support

The company has secured an investment backing of approximately USD 5 million, garnering support from notable entities such as QSTP, QDB, Barzan Holding, Doha Tech Angels, MVP, and a syndicate of nearly 20 reputed angel investors.

Danny Ramadan, Investment Director at QSTP, commented on the merger, stating, “Droobi Health’s merger with Smit.fit is a testament to the impact of Qatar’s thriving innovation ecosystem. It showcases international trust and value in homegrown technologies with the potential to drive regional and global impact.

Growth Strategy and Collaborations

DroobiSmit adopts a B2B2C growth strategy and has already forged partnerships with over 25 leading healthcare players throughout the GCC and India. These collaborations include top-tier hospitals, clinic chains, insurance companies, and employers.

Chakrabarty, a representative of DroobiSmit, highlighted the company’s growth strategy, saying, “We are actively exploring avenues to introduce our unique model to emerging markets, notably Saudi Arabia.