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Membership organizations can now enable administrative and billing efficiencies, revenue opportunities and operational excellence through the deep integration within Hint’s billing platform, CORE

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The leading platform for membership-based healthcare, Hint Health, and healthcare work management hub, Dock Health, today announced the launch of a new bi-directional integration allowing HIPAA-compliant task and workflow automation to seamlessly flow between systems for better, more efficient care delivery for millions of patients across the U.S.

Addressing the exponential growth of direct primary care (DPC) organizations – an increase of 241% from 2017 to 2021Hint helps clinicians manage the unique complexities of a membership-based primary care model.

Spun out of Boston Children’s Hospital, Dock Health’s administrative hub powers streamlined task management and secure workflow automation for healthcare organizations of every size, setting and specialty.

Working together, Hint and Dock share a mission to deliver relief to care teams from unnecessary administrative burden, inefficient processes, and the lack of collaboration tools that healthcare needs – powering the direct care industry.

“This partnership enables powerful interconnectivity between clinicians and their administrative teams to improve accountability, transparency and efficiency in the care they deliver,” said Zak Holdsworth, Co-founder and CEO at Hint. “Focused on supporting the growth and success of the Direct Primary Care movement, the Hint team believes the sustainability of healthcare is reliant on new norms – that we treat patients as people, not billing codes, and that we install new solutions to meaningfully support the teams who deliver care.”

Hint’s platform automates the enrollment, employee eligibility, membership management, billing, and network administration for DPC clinicians enabling them to focus on their practice, rather than on the administrative work of operating a business.

“As a practicing pediatric gastroenterologist, I learned there wasn’t an existing platform that provided real-time connectivity between the clinical work happening in the exam room and the administrative work my colleagues needed to perform as a result,” said Dr. Michael Docktor, CEO and co-founder of Dock Health. “I felt overwhelmed by the need to coordinate administrative steps associated with delivering the best care to my patients, and I knew I needed new tools to create the change needed for the health and sustainability of our team.”

The Administrative Hub for Healthcare

Dock’s SaaS platform will be integrated with Hint Core, seamlessly connecting the clinical and administrative halves of healthcare. The new robust integration features bi-directional connectivity for:

  • Patient Demographics: Real-time syncing of patient demographics within Dock’s work management platform to drive more informed decision making and power patient-relations management (PRM) communications
  • Workflow Automation: New member onboarding and billing workflows can now be triggered from activities in the Hint Core platform
  • Deep-linking between platforms: Seamless connectivity between platforms makes work more efficient and effective – connecting structured data sets only found in Dock to the work being done in Hint Core

“As a virtual assistance agency specializing in providing administrative support to Direct Primary Care (DPC) doctors, it’s critical for all of our teammates to have the tools and resources that deliver on DPC’s promise,” said Angie Cortizo, owner and founder, My DPC VA. “The DPC doctor doesn’t need to be bogged down with billing and administrative steps associated with onboarding and offboarding patients into and out of the practice and on-going membership management and billing tasks. We need those steps to happen in a timely, reliable, and repeatable manner, and we believe an integration between Hint and Dock Health will bring us several steps closer to that.”

About Hint Health

Hint Health is the leading digital health company dedicated to supporting the growth and success of the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement. With a mission to power direct care and make it the new standard, Hint’s technology powers thousands of clinics and networks across the nation providing care for over a million members. Hint also produces Hint Summit, the leading DPC innovation conference and supports Hint Connect, a curated national network of independent DPC clinics.

Founded in 2013 by Zak Holdsworth and Graham Melcher, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

About Dock Health

Dock Health is the only foundationally HIPAA-compliant workflow management platform purpose-built for healthcare, serving as the administrative hub for The Other Half Of Healthcare™. Dock eliminates administrative friction and reduces dropped balls and care delays through process improvements and accountability, enabling better patient care. Its proprietary SmartFlow™ technology allows clinicians to reclaim hours from inefficient processes and create workflow automations that expedite their processes and reduce the overwhelming administrative burden of care delivery. Dock Health’s suite of integrations, automations, workflow templates and task management tools make communication and collaboration within healthcare highly reliable, accurate, auditable, compliant and complete. Dock serves hundreds of healthcare teams in every specialty, care setting and modality.


Hint: Alex George, (831) 801-0594, press@hint.com

Dock Health: Jen Asbury, (303) 241-3126, jasbury@dock.health