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Revolutionary FDA-Cleared Bionic Clothing Wins Prestigious Gold Recognition at the 2024 Edison Awards™

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#assistivetechnologyCIONIC, the neurotech inventor of FDA-cleared bionic clothing to improve walking, strength, and overall mobility, announced significant updates to the Cionic Neural Sleeve experience in its latest software release. The durable leg sleeve is transforming how device-based therapeutics are assisting patients with multiple sclerosis, strokes, spinal cord injuries, and other upper motor neuron diagnoses. The updates include comprehensive progress tracking, as well as a suite of new functional exercises tailored for activities of daily living, designed to help individuals independently perform essential activities like climbing stairs, walking, and getting out of chairs.

“At CIONIC, we are obsessed with improving function for the millions living with impaired mobility. We continually evaluate our offering and incorporate customer feedback to introduce meaningful changes through software updates,” said Jeremiah Robison, CIONIC Founder and CEO. “By providing a wider variety of functional movement training and detailed progress reports, we’re empowering our users with more tools to increase their functional mobility and independence.”

The Neural Sleeve combines the diagnostic power of a gait lab with the therapeutic power of functional electrical stimulation into a lightweight, durable leg sleeve that can be worn anywhere and operated by a smartphone, helping people with disabilities live more freely and independently. With the software-powered product design, platform improvements are rolled out to all CIONIC subscribers at once every time there is a new release. The Neural Sleeve is now available in 47 states and is a prescription device, and this is the fourth major platform improvement to be introduced via software since Neural Sleeves began shipping last year.

“As a person living with multiple sclerosis for 35 years, a physical therapist for 48 years, and a user of the Cionic Sleeve for one year, I can, without reservation, state that this is the most life-changing medical device I have seen developed during my PT career,” said CIONIC customer Patty Glatfelter. “What I have observed with fellow multiple sclerosis patients is the reigniting of hope, function, and safety with the use of the Neural Sleeve.”

The Cionic Neural Sleeve has been recognized repeatedly for its innovative design, and was most recently named the Gold winner at the 2024 Edison Awards™ in the Wearable & Implantable Medical Devices category. For decades, the Edison Awards™ have been among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design, and innovation. This recognition is a testament to the transformative power of combining advanced technology with a patient-centered approach, where advancements in software continue to redefine the possibilities for data insights, recovery, and independence for patients with mobility challenges.


CIONIC is a neurotech company committed to exceeding the expectations of human capability and changing the lives of people with mobility differences by facilitating more independent movement through FDA-cleared bionic clothing. Motivated by his daughter’s journey with cerebral palsy, technology innovator Jeremiah Robison founded CIONIC in 2018. The company’s lead product, the Cionic Neural Sleeve, can analyze and augment human movement, enabling the body to move with more freedom and control than with crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs. The Cionic Neural Sleeve thoughtfully combines the diagnostic power of a gait lab with the therapeutic power of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) into a lightweight, durable garment that can be worn anywhere and work everywhere. For more information, please visit cionic.com.

How the Cionic Neural Sleeve Works

Backed by clinical evidence and FDA-cleared, the award-winning Cionic Neural Sleeve analyzes, predicts, and augments an individual’s movement. It uses a dense array of sensors to measure the firing patterns of individual muscles and the resultant position of the leg during movement. Algorithms running on the sleeve analyze this data in real-time to predict intended movement and determine optimal muscle activation patterns. The Cionic Neural Sleeve then delivers Functional Electrical Stimulation to sequence proper muscle firing for natural movement. It is an adaptive system that provides real-time augmentation and adjustment of the wearer’s movement, updating each time they take a step. The Cionic Neural Sleeve has been recognized in numerous global design and healthcare competitions, including TIME Best Inventions, the Digital Health Hub Awards, Fierce Life Sciences Innovation Awards, Fast Company World Changing Ideas, MedTech Innovation Awards, International Design Excellence Awards, iF DESIGN AWARD, Edison Awards, and more.


Christy Maginn
Bliss Bio Health, for CIONIC