di , 24/05/2024

Cardiomatics, a pioneer in AI-powered ECG analysis solutions, has announced a sales cooperation with the BIOTRONIK sales organization in Germany. The aim of this cooperation is to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence in the early detection and management of individuals susceptible to cardiac events.

As part of the cooperation, BIOTRONIK will distribute Cardiomatics’ AI-powered ECG analysis solution alongside its net_ECG advanced ECG-Patch Holter Monitor in Germany. This combined offering will provide healthcare professionals with enhanced capabilities for precise cardiac monitoring and analysis.

Rafał Samborski, CEO of Cardiomatics, expressed his belief that their AI-based ECG analysis software will create great synergies with the BIOTRONIK ECG-Patch product portfolio and will nicely fit into the journey of cardiac patients.

The significance of this cooperation is underlined by the alarming statistics surrounding cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of global mortality. With approximately 17.9 million annual deaths attributed to cardiovascular complications, the imperative for improved early detection and management is clear.

Prof. Dr. David Duncker, Head of Hannover Heart Rhythm Center, Department of Cardiology and Angiology, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany, expressed his excitement about the potential of AI to help in the in the early detection of cardiac rhythm abnormalities.

Cardiomatics has been at the forefront of developing AI solutions to enhance diagnostic cardiology since 2018. The Cardiomatics platform has analyzed over 250 thousand long-term ECG signals and garnered the distinction of being the first in its category to receive EU-MDR certification in October 2023.

Oliver Rehermann, Director of Marketing, e-Health & Connected Cardiac Care, BIOTRONIK Germany, stated that by combining Cardiomatics´ cutting-edge AI-powered ECG analysis solution with their net_ECG advanced ECG-Patch Holter Monitor, they aim to revolutionize the early detection and management of cardiac events. This collaboration supports their commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance patient care and outcomes in cardiovascular health.