di , 13/10/2023

LAVAL, Québec & WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BIOQuébec and BioFlorida, preeminent life sciences associations from Québec and Florida, are proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This agreement is set to intensify collaboration and bolster industry growth in of both regions.

Acknowledging the global nature of the life sciences sector and the potential for local life sciences companies to flourish with international collaborations, both associations have instituted a detailed two-year partnership. This MOU is structured with a vision to offer a collaborative platform that will benefit members of both organizations and drive economic development for both regions.

“Fostering global connections and innovation and fueling growth are key to advancing the life sciences industry in Florida,” said Nancy K. Bryan, President & CEO of BioFlorida. “Our strategic partnership with BIOQuébec is a testament to our commitment to providing our members with access to new opportunities, collaborative platforms, and a wider network. Together, we aim to catalyze growth in the life sciences sectors of both regions, promoting not only the strength of our individual ecosystems but also the power of international collaboration within the life sciences industry.”

“This MOU underscores BIOQuébec’s dedication to enhancing global opportunities for our members. In the expansive realm of life sciences, trade associations play a pivotal role in amplifying the influence of their members,” remarked Frédéric Leduc, Chief Scientific Officer at EVAH and Chair of BIOQuébec.

“This is BIOQuébec’s third partnership in the US, after Massachusetts and Wisconsin. Bilateral partnerships of this nature not only bolster our members’ businesses on the international stage, but also spotlight the robust offerings of our local ecosystem to enterprises from other growing biotech regions such as Florida,” commented Benoit Larose, CEO of BIOQuébec.

Key Benefits for Association Members:

  • Exclusive access to member-only events.
  • Preferential registration rates for all partnered events.
  • Opportunities for networking and business development, encompassing pitch competitions, conferences, career fairs, and other significant activities.

To ensure the effectiveness of this alliance, the leaders of both organizations will put in place guidelines that will enable monitoring to ensure the achievement of the objectives that have been set, successful cohesive integration and reciprocal benefits to the members of both associations. These efforts will emphasize shared learning from each association’s unique approach to life sciences community development, strategies and initiatives. Through this groundbreaking partnership, both BIOQuébec and BioFlorida demonstrate a commitment to driving growth, fostering innovation, and creating new opportunities for their members in the ever-evolving life sciences industry.

About BIOQuébec

BIOQuébec is the voice of over 130 companies from Québec, encompassing all facets of health research—from fundamental studies to the assimilation of therapeutic innovations within the healthcare system. This diverse group includes biotech firms, contract research organizations, investors, and biopharmaceutical companies and organizations at different stages of development. BIOQuébec’s primary objectives are advocacy, business growth, and cultivating strategic partnerships, all aimed at propelling Québec’s biotechnology and life sciences sector to the forefront on the international stage.

About BioFlorida

BioFlorida is the voice of Florida’s life sciences industry, representing 8,600 establishments and research organizations in BioPharma, MedTech, Digital Health, and Health Systems that collectively employ nearly 107,000 Floridians (Source: TEConomy/BIO). BioFlorida’s member driven initiatives provide a strong business climate for the advancement of innovative products and technology that improve lives and promote economic benefits to the state.


For additional details or media inquiries:

Benoît Larose – Chief Executive Officer, BIOQuébec, Telephone: 514 217-1167, Email: BLarose@bioquebec.com

Courtney Cox, Counsel, BioFlorida, Telephone: 850-224-0174, Email: CourtneyC@TheMooreAgency.com