di , 03/05/2024

OXFORD, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Arcturis Data Limited (“Arcturis”), a UK leader in Real World Data and Evidence, and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (“OUH”) a global exemplar in clinical, research and digital health excellence, announce today that they are to embark on a focussed initiative to develop deep, multi-modal data to enable researchers to assess the benefit of standard and new treatment options for cancer patients.

The programme of works builds on the success of Arcturis and OUH’s long-standing multi-disease strategic research partnership, and represents significant innovation at the convergence of technology, informatics, pharmaceutical research, and clinical excellence.

OUH will provide Arcturis researchers with access to its deep, longitudinal anonymised oncology data within the Thames Valley and Surrey Secure Data Environment for healthcare research (TVS SDE). This innovative approach will facilitate access to anonymised NHS data for approved research projects within an NHS-controlled environment. This programme will enable valuable research and innovation, delivering benefits to the Health Service, patients, and the regional economy, whilst rigorously upholding the confidentiality and privacy of patients.

Kerrie Woods, Director, R&D Clinical Informatics for OUH commented:

“Arcturis has unique expertise in integrating molecular and clinical data and curating fit-for-purpose regulatory-grade research datasets. This will help OUH to enrich its data with biomarkers derived from unstructured sources such as diagnostic imaging, free-text reports, sensor data and clinical genetics. This valuable work will help to improve the quality and completeness of the data available for world class research, driving real world impact. With patient consent, we look forward also to augmenting existing data with novel genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analyses, to develop personalised treatments and services. Our patient and public partners will oversee the work of this ambitious programme, ensuring a central focus on healthcare improvement and clinical impact.”

Christie Brooks, Director, Data Strategy & Partnerships for Arcturis commented:

“Arcturis and OUH are pleased to build upon our longstanding successful research partnership with this exciting initiative to deliver a precision approach to cancer evidence generation. The partnership is committed to enabling new treatment options to be better evaluated by regulators, data-driven innovation to be more informed by UK patients’ needs and the NHS to benefit from the wealth of data that our health system generates.”