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A leading expert and policy voice on the crisis of clinician burnout in the U.S., Dr. Shah will lead Abridge strategy and clinical insights

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Abridge, the leader in generative AI for clinical documentation, announced today that healthcare workforce expert Dr. Tina Shah will join its leadership team as Chief Clinical Officer.

Dr. Shah comes to Abridge as one of the leading experts in issues facing America’s physicians, nurses and broader clinical workforce for over a decade. She is a practicing pulmonary and critical care physician who early on advocated, initially as part of her own journey, to address barriers to clinician wellbeing. While in training, she spearheaded one of the first national conferences on resident physician burnout.

Her work has included operationalizing strategies to address clinician burnout, rapidly standing up digital health solutions for clinicians during the pandemic, and shaping U.S. federal health policy. Dr. Shah has served in two White House Administrations and in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, where she became the agency’s first Director of Clinician Wellbeing. She was also a Senior Advisor to the U.S. Surgeon General and helped architect efforts leading to the Surgeon General’s “Advisory on Building a Thriving Health Workforce.”

“I’m excited to join a brilliant team who is as passionate as I am about solving clinician burnout,” said Dr. Shah. “I am one of those doctors who burned out and almost left the profession. After I saw how Abridge is eliminating time spent documenting in a major way, I jumped at the opportunity to join the team. We are hearing daily from clinicians who use Abridge that they are completing their notes before the day ends, are more present with their patients, and wake up excited about going to work. That’s game changing.”

At Abridge, Dr. Shah will lead strategy and serve as a clinical voice for the company to catalyze solutions to address workforce burnout at the health system and policy levels. Dr. Shah will also oversee aspects of Abridge’s technology to ensure product development continues to align with the needs of physicians and other health professionals so they can practice at the highest clinical standard.

“Dr. Shah is a natural leader and problem solver. She brings extraordinary expertise, relationships across the healthcare ecosystem, and deep knowledge of the challenges we face in U.S. healthcare,” said Shiv Rao, CEO and co-founder of Abridge. “We are thrilled that Dr. Shah has joined our team in this critical year for Abridge and the industry, as we deploy generative AI to transform the way clinicians work.”

The addition of Dr. Shah to Abridge’s leadership team comes off the company’s most recent announcements with Epic and Emory Healthcare, to accelerate healthcare innovation and eliminate clinician burnout.

About Abridge

Abridge, the leader in generative AI for healthcare, summarizes medical conversations and structures them in real-time for providers, payers, and patients inside the medical record. The core technology produces note drafts that accelerate clinical documentation, helping providers focus more on patient care instead of clerical work. Abridge seamlessly integrates with leading EHRs to streamline documentation, billing, and coding. Powered by explainable AI, Abridge is the only company that maps AI-generated summaries to ground truth, helping providers quickly trust and verify recommendations. Abridge’s technology is used by thousands of doctors across health systems to reduce burnout and has improved care for hundreds of thousands of patients with their consumer app. Visit http://www.abridge.com and @AbridgeHQ to get the latest information.


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