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Azra AI proudly contributes its cutting-edge expertise to bolster the White House Cancer Moonshot

FRANKLIN, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Azra AI, a healthtech leader using artificial intelligence (AI) and workflow automation to accelerate the identification and treatment of cancer, is excited to announce it is a member of CancerX, a public-private partnership aimed at unleashing the power of innovation to fight cancer in the United States.

CancerX was announced by U.S. President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden in February 2023 as part of the White House’s reignited national Cancer Moonshot. The public-private partnership is co-hosted by Moffitt Cancer Center and the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), alongside the Office for the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH). CancerX is a collaboration of leaders in the oncology and digital health space to set priorities and practices that will help harness the full power of innovation to achieve the goals of the Cancer Moonshot. These goals include expanding access to screenings, understanding/preventing exposures to toxic substances, preventing more cancers before they start, delivering the latest innovations to patients and communities, and supporting and centering patients and caregivers.

“Multi-stakeholder collaboration is critical to harness the potential of digital innovation in the fight against cancer, and we’re honored to partner with Azra AI to achieve the ambitious goals of CancerX,” said Smit Patel, associate program director, DiMe. “Through this impressive collaboration, we will establish best practices, build capacity, and demonstrate the impact of innovation on the life of every person on a cancer journey.”

Born from a vision that sees AI and machine learning as indispensable tools for supporting oncology clinical staff and care teams, Azra AI has applied these advanced technologies to automate key oncology workflows. Its Patient Intelligence enterprise oncology solution, a testament to this integration, employs artificial intelligence to sift through unstructured clinical notes, systematically identifying, classifying, and abstracting diagnoses. This innovative solution is used and trusted by over 250 U.S. hospitals and cancer centers.

The following are just a few of the benefits that Azra AI has brought:

  • Reduced Time to Treatment: Patient Intelligence monitors pathology and radiology reports to identify all positive cancer diagnoses in real-time and sends alerts to care teams about high-risk patients. On average, healthcare organizations have been able to reduce a patient’s time to treatment by seven days.
  • Improved Patient Care and Navigation: Patient Intelligence’s tracking application allows navigators to capture and document the critical elements along every step of the patient journey, increasing nurse-patient interactions to improve outcomes.
  • Increased Service Line Impact: Patient Intelligence delivers actionable insights to drive service line growth. Faster diagnosis and better navigation reduces out-migration and increases referrals and procedures.
  • Easier Tumor Registry Upkeep: Patient Intelligence automates repetitive tumor registry tasks and reduces backlogs by eliminating manual pathology and radiology report review and updating tumor registries from unstructured text.

“At Azra AI, we’re profoundly inspired to join forces with CancerX, united in our commitment to accelerate groundbreaking cancer innovation. This collaboration represents a fusion of our innovative AI solutions with the expertise and passion of the CancerX community, all in pursuit of a world free from the fear of cancer,” said Chris Cashwell, CEO and Founder of Azra AI. “We’re dedicated to leveraging our knowledge and resources to make a significant impact in the fight against cancer. From improving clinical and operational outcomes to promoting health equity, our mission is clear: to empower healthcare organizations as they stand alongside each individual affected by cancer, supporting them with the utmost compassion and innovation every step of the way, as we work together to transform cancer care and improve the lives of cancer patients.”

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About Azra AI

Azra AI uses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning software to quickly identify at-risk patients in need of follow-up care, resulting in more equitable health outcomes, increased patient retention, and a reduced burden on clinical workers. This revolutionary technology — used in over 250 hospitals and cancer centers across the country — accelerates the patient care process and delivers a positive impact on clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. Learn more about Azra AI at www.azra-ai.com.

About CancerX

Visit the CancerX website for more information: https://cancerx.health/.


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