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The leading seed-stage healthcare venture fund continues to build momentum with entrepreneurs, determined to innovate the global healthcare industry

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health (Wavemaker 360), the nation’s leading venture fund focused singularly on early-stage (primarily seed) healthcare disruptors, is celebrating its 50th investment in 50 months, a strong achievement toward their goal of catalyzing global healthcare innovation by backing compelling startups in the areas of health-tech, digital health, medical device, telehealth, artificial intelligence, pharma-tech, and marketplaces.

Launched in mid-2018, Wavemaker 360 has experienced promising portfolio growth since its inception, investing in a diverse array of healthcare companies mostly in the U.S., but also in Western Europe, Canada and Asia. The fund has deployed more than $20MM into its portfolio, and the companies have raised more than $750MM with the financial and healthcare industry connectivity Wavemaker 360 provides. In total, the aggregate valuation of Wavemaker 360’s portfolio companies exceeds $2.5BB.

“Anyone who works in healthcare, whether on the investment side, or as a clinician, in a lab or in a field, understands the dire need for healthcare transformation on a global scale,” said John G. Nackel, Founder and General Partner of Wavemaker 360. “In only 50 months, Wavemaker 360 has been able to herald the future of healthcare, ushering in outstanding entrepreneurs and disruptive products and services. We’re not just optimistic about the trajectory of healthcare innovation, we’re resolute about making it happen.”

Wavemaker 360’s portfolio encompasses a reputable roster of companies including Trusted Health, Iterative Health (formerly Iterative Scopes), DeepScribe, Carlsmed, Luna, Materna Medical, Ready Set Food!, Regard (formerly HealthTensor), Third Eye Health, and Triple Blind. Moreover, Wavemaker 360 has already nurtured multiple prosperous exists including Ciitizen (acquired by Invitae; NYSE: NVTA), Alertive (acquired by Carbon Health), and Evid Science (acquired by Genesis Research).

“Wavemaker360 truly executes on its vision of value-based healthcare by investing in the companies that will make it a reality,” says Phil Martie, CEO, Nicolette, Inc. “Their investment in Nicolette and resource-rich partnership were critical for us in acquiring our first contracts and implementing them with excellence. They have served as an extension of the Nicolette team, helping us solve problems and seize opportunities to improve and grow as a company. We still have much to achieve on our startup journey and it is great to know they will be by our side all the way to the finish line.”

Differentiating itself from other venture capitalist firms, Wavemaker 360 doesn’t simply provide financial support to its portfolio — it also connects them to a network of 300 Limited Partners (LPs), the majority of whom are significant healthcare organizations, prominent industry executives, and renowned physicians. The LPs offer comprehensive support to Wavemaker 360’s portfolio companies, guiding their progress in efficient, creative and liberating ways.

Led by a team of eight visionary partners with more than 200 years of collective healthcare and venture capital experience, the Wavemaker 360 decision-making table is expansive and comprised of executive-level professionals with backgrounds in health systems administration, provider economics, government sponsored healthcare, healthcare staffing, digital health and more.

Wavemaker 360’s General Partner, Jay Goss and Venture Partner Maxim Owen will be on site at HLTH 2022 in Pod#30 in Las Vegas November 14 and 15, 2022.

To learn more about Wavemaker 360, visit www.wavemaker360.com.

About Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health (Wavemaker 360) is the nation’s leading seed-stage healthcare pure-play venture fund in the U.S., focused singularly on early-stage healthcare disruptors in the areas of health-tech, digital health, medical device, telehealth, pharma-tech, and marketplaces. Wavemaker 360 stands apart as one of the few venture funds in the U.S. that discovers, vets and invests solely in healthcare startups at the seed funding stage. The fund connects its portfolio companies to a network of 300 Limited Partners (LPs), comprised of healthcare entities and executives in virtually every area of healthcare. Headquartered in Pasadena, CA, Wavemaker 360 is led by a cross-functional, bi-coastal team of eight visionary partners with more than 200 years of combined healthcare industry and venture capital experience, with additional guidance from a distinguished Council of Strategic Advisors. For more information, follow on LinkedIn and visit www.wavemaker360.com.


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