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  • Self-Insured Employers can now Leverage The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic for Employee Access to 3,500 World-Renowned Specialists for Expert Second Opinions on Diagnoses and to Confirm Treatment Plans.
  • In many cases Transcarent Members will have Easy, Timely Access to Experts at Cleveland Clinic with No Out-of-Pocket Costs

CLEVELAND & PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Transcarent, a health and care experience company that makes it easy to access high quality, affordable care, and aligns with the companies who pay for care, announced a new collaboration with The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic (The Clinic) that enables Transcarent Members and their families to access The Clinic’s expert second opinions. Transcarent Members can easily leverage Cleveland Clinic’s world-renowned specialists for a personalized care evaluation and coordinated follow-up as a Transcarent benefit, all in one seamless experience.

Transcarent delivers on-the-go support for employees’ and their families’ most common health needs on their terms. Members can chat with a doctor in 60 seconds, find more affordable medications, receive care at home, schedule surgeries and common procedures, and receive care for complex conditions.

“When surgery or complex care is being delivered and it’s serious, everyone should get a second opinion, both on their diagnosis and their treatment plan,” said Transcarent Chief Innovation Officer, Jeff Dobro, M.D.

By partnering with The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, Transcarent Members will have virtual access to Cleveland Clinic’s 3,500 world-renowned expert specialists. Through The Clinic’s Virtual Expert Second Opinions program, an expert physician thoroughly reviews a Member’s diagnosis and/or treatment plan and provides a personalized second opinion. Seventy-two percent of expert opinions uncover potential diagnosis changes or treatment plan modifications, which can help Members become more informed about their health and confident in their care while better controlling medical costs.

“Questions often outnumber answers when someone receives a new diagnosis or surgery referral. The integration of the expert second opinion services of The Clinic into the Transcarent Experience provides our Members greater peace of mind when making decisions about their health and care,” said Glen Tullman, Transcarent Chief Executive Officer. “With convenient, virtual access to world-renowned specialists, Transcarent Members will receive high-value care regardless of income, zip code, or shift schedule. We are pleased to be collaborating with The Clinic to offer trusted guidance for Members along their health and care journey. We believe that a focus on quality improves care and reduces costs.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Transcarent to bring their employer partners timely, virtual access to Cleveland Clinic’s expert physicians in more than 550 advanced subspecialties,” said Frank McGillin, CEO, The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic. “For life-changing and costly conditions such as heart disease and musculoskeletal issues, leading organizations demand the best, and their employees deserve it.”

Kelly Keegan, Senior Vice President of Sales, The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic, added: “As health costs continue to rise, innovative companies are recognizing the value of empowering their employees with world-renowned medical expertise to support their journey on the path to better outcomes.”

Misdiagnoses harm consumers and drive-up costs for employers. An integrated expert second opinion program, paired with access to treatment at centers of excellence across the nation, can result in better outcomes for consumers, a faster timeline for returning to work and a reduction in employers’ expenses. Initiatives linking employees to trusted guidance from industry leaders have demonstrated an avoidance of unnecessary surgeries in favor of more conservative treatments such as physical therapy or more appropriate treatment. In the case of one large employer, 54 percent of patients seeking spine surgery and 20 percent of joint replacement patients were guided into other forms of treatment.

About The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic

The Clinic is a transformative joint venture between Cleveland Clinic and Amwell that brings digital health solutions to a new level with unparalleled ease of use, advanced technologies and powerful outcomes. This first-of-its-kind initiative opens the door to Cleveland Clinic’s deep and comprehensive medical expertise, with 3,500 clinical specialists in more than 550 advanced subspecialties. Powered by Amwell’s leading connectivity technologies, which are currently deployed by over 2,000 hospitals and 55 health plan partners with over 36,000 employers, The Clinic offers fully secure video consultations, digital record collection and concierge-level service to health plans, providers, employers and healthcare consumers. Solutions are available as a health plan benefit, an employee benefit or a consumer service. For more information about The Clinic, visit www.clinicbyclevelandclinic.com and follow on LinkedIn.

About Transcarent

Transcarent makes it easier for people to access high quality, affordable care and is aligned with the people who pay for their care. Transcarent directly connects consumers with high-quality care, transparent information, and trusted guidance on their terms – measurably improving the Member experience, improving health outcomes, and reducing costs. Through an integrated mobile or web platform, Members can access everyday care (e.g., chat with a provider in <60 seconds), behavioral health, pharmacy care, care at home (or close to it), comprehensive surgical care, or receive additional care for complex care needs like cancer.

Transcarent takes accountability for results – offering at-risk pricing models and transparent impact reporting to align incentives towards measurably better experience, better health, and lower costs. For more Information, visit www.transcarent.com and follow on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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