di , 05/05/2020

The spread of Covid-19 has accelerated the Digital Transformation of healthcare and, in particular, of the health coaching industry

We have reached out to Marina Borukhovich, YourCoach Health CEO, and discussed the new opportunities for health coaching in this time of emergency.

M: Health Coaching, while still a nascent market globally and young in its scientific outcomes, is gaining incredible momentum. While the healthcare system is under tremendous pressure around the world, we strongly believe that as Health Coaches we can do our integral part to help our clients stay as physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, happy and in control as they possibly can be.

You have recently published the report “Health Coaching Industry Report: Aiding at the frontlines of health”, can you tell us something more?

M: We have decided to map out the health coaching industry and worked on this report to shed light into the current market qualitatively and, having had access to thousands of practicing coaches, we have also included our insights from the frontlines of the industry.
We have spoken to over 500 coaches and industry experts, we analyzed labour pools, resources shifts and certifications… at some point, we inspected the interfaces of Digital Therapeutics companies and health services and explored clinical trials past and present. The result is a wealth of knowledge that we are finally ready to share with the community.

Thank you Marina, and… let’s keep the conversation going. Download the report and share comments, thoughts and critical feedback with the YourCoach Health team.