An increasing focus on digital in Europe is driving a fundamental transformation of its healthcare sector

Europe has a promising and rapidly-developing health innovation sector and, as Healthware founder and CEO Roberto Ascione tells pharmaphorum, an ecosystem approach is crucial to continuing the digital transformation of health.

Over the last few years the healthcare sector has been going through a fundamental transformation the world over as stakeholders grapple with how best to use digital technology.

Europe is no exception, and the region has been gradually increasing its focus on the digital area, driven by the strong institutional support for telemedicine, remote monitoring, big data-enabled personalised screenings and – soon – the adoption of artificial intelligence-based solutions for improving prevention and diagnosis procedures.

Someone who knows the European health innovation scene better than most is Roberto Ascione, a serial entrepreneur and global thought leader in digital health who’s also the founder and CEO of next-gen health consultancy Healthware Group.

The digital health scene in Europe is still very young with many challenges to be addressed and issues to be solved,- he notes. Among the most important players are, of course, the European institutions committed to promoting the digitisation of the sector, and the pharmaceutical companies that continue to work to innovate their products and services.

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