Lithuanian startup Revolab, a winner of the 2020 EIT Digital Venture Program that has developed a platform to keep track of users overall physical wellbeing via a home blood test kit and a smartphone app, is forging ahead at a remarkable pace.

In a record time of one year, the company came from inception to closing a seed round in May, signing €100K of pre-orders, and now achieving CE certification for its products, enabling sales across Europe.

How it works

Following simple step-by-step instructions, users collect a finger-prick blood sample and ship it back to Revolab. The results are available within 24 hours on the app.

More than 30 different blood work tests are currently available such as complete blood count (CBC), glucose level, thyroid panels, STD tests or enzyme markers if you are at risk of cancer or other conditions. Special blood work tests, such as for vegans and vegetarians, are also available, which check for missing key nutrients.

Revolab’s story

The pandemic accelerated the adoption of self-tests allowing people to take charge of their own health, especially the ones with chronic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol or cancer predisposition, making Revolab’s value proposition even more compelling.

The company was founded by serial entrepreneur Ovidijus Kalinas and his spouse Jekaterina Kaliniene, CEO and CMO respectively. Jekaterina, previously served as CEO of Synlab Lithuania, a branch of one of Europe’s largest laboratory services companies.

The EIT Digital Venture Program enabled Revolab to develop their idea and prototype into a working product, validated by a network of partners and capable of attracting further investment.

The EIT Digital Venture Program is an outstanding program for early-stage startups. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to explore an idea and find the path forward, stated Revolab’s CEO, Ovidijus Kalinas.

The EIT Digital Venture Program takes you from idea to investment in less than a year. The ambitious trajectory takes entrepreneurs with a brilliant idea from concept to MVP, market validation and funding. Further benefits unlock with each milestone achieved.